About Me

If you’ve noticed, or even if you haven’t, every questionnaire, conversation, interview and even Orkut profiles start with an “About Me” section these days. “Personality Differentiation” is being made a criteria for our success – what’s different about you, what’s your USP and suchlike. Well, if you are nodding your head, we can’t be more different. I, for one, do not profess this “Tell me about yourself” shit – simply because it places a huge burden on the likes of me. The most complex dilemma. A depressant of the highest order. It asks me about who I am. It expects me to know AND be able to tell. AND when I do that, I’ll be evaluated.

I mean, in all of this, there is NO “normalization factor” (you must excuse my jargon – another toxic by-product of being a B-school student) for people who have only a vague idea of “goals”, who haven’t cared much to “find” themselves or who started as “sure” and “confident” people and are now captives to the nebulity of their choices, their paths. What about us? Do they even realize what we go through when they look at us expectantly, and wait for you to rattle out the justification for our wanderings, the detours, the uncertainty.. do they not see us break into a sweat and come up with lame statements like “I went with the flow”, “Destiny is the last decider.” and the stronger versions like “Life is a bitch.”, or other such sorry excuses that don’t seem half-convincing to even ourselves. It’s at such moments that we want to go back to the juncture of the detour, and make the other choice. Because you know you aren’t who you would have been then. Because you know that that’s the place where you lost your “About Me” write-up.

I am a big fan of Bill Watterson’s – the guy is funny.. but once in a while, he has said things, that seem not-so-funny.. atleast to me. Only because they bring regret, guilt and a sudden urge to be able to go back in time and do things differently. Maybe then, when I am back to the present, I’ll be able to write myself a nice little “I am smart, sexy, nice, loving … blah blah blah” types paragraph on my Orkut profile. Till then, that section stares at me – blank and questioning.

Here’s what the bugger said:

For no reason I can think of, I’ve wandered far astray,
And that is how I got to where I find myself today.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Indeed true…Its invain to rethink about the junctions which changed our lives, coz thats why bygones are called so!!! And about writing ‘about me’ in places like orkut, how many of us write true-to-ourself About Me?? while writing that crap, there is one voice which spends its lifetime of few seconds in one corner of our mind before we kill it, saying ‘Who am I?’

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