Well, about a month after this blog was born and a good twenty days after I last posted, I had this urge to revisit this deserted orphan today. Nah, that’s got nothing to do with either nostalgia or that oh-I-need-to-talk type of feeling. It’s plain simple a short term recovery from my long term amnesia.

Only that I read the last two things I wrote, and they felt very kiddish. Just took me back to the me that was, twenty days back. Yes, I was sad. And I am not now? Oh yes, I am.. only that my soul’s spark is back. Just remembered how I always see a silver lining, and insist upon others that it exists.. while they tell me that I’m the most insufferable and dangerous optimist they know. And that I laugh at the most unfortunate things and incidents of my life. And that I can’t help finding a comic angle to all things otherwise perceived as mundane, intellectual or “serious”.. ahem, the art hasn’t gone down well with my fellow mortals, it seems.

Yennyway, here I go again.. for the Disney characters in my head must dance with the monsters they live with, and my smile and my pain must reside in my heart like quarreling siblings.

On the way to one of the most exciting years of my life , I wish this blog better luck than the one I started and ditched a year back. I hope it can be a witness to my life’s times and memories just as beautifully as some of the other blogs I devour. I also hope that writing is seductive enough to pull me out of my laziness and amnesia and my oh-so-busy-life.



2 thoughts on “Amen!

  1. i liked this dope!! Seasoned is what u are and marketing is what u need!!… Alec smart doesn’t have to turn in his grave… hope to find another post to comment on the next time i crawl in here… 🙂

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