A Good Day

I knew there was a magic
In the air, as I bid sleep goodbye
When I saw the sun wink slyly
And the cloud clear its eye

I chose not to read much into it
And to keep going with the humdrum
But the world just wouldn’t have it
Even the traffic had a rhythmic strum

No farther had I gotten
Than the very first crowded lane,
When a smiling, dimpled rainbow
Made its way through the rain

Brushing the pearly raindrops
I walked down the muddy way
Pledged to my solemn protest
Against hopelessly hoping away

But the signs just kept coming
My refusal .. they won’t take
Finally, a betraying instant smile
My adamance did forsake

And that was when I heard this
It must have been the makers
“We hid happiness everywhere,
Alas there are no takers”

A skip on my step
Me sprightly and alive
Started on my way back
Thinking of their jive

Isn’t that so true, thought me
So thankless you and I
Never see the beauty around us
And always miss the joy
Our lives are but remains of fear
The fear to say goodbye, to die
Never once do we fear though
To live and not being alive

One of my first few attempts at poetry.
Don’t know why it came out so Frost-ish..
If someone was so kind as to have braved it till the end.
I hope it wasn’t too kiddish..

Oh-my-god..am still writing in verse.. 😀


One thought on “A Good Day

  1. From the soul of alec smart to the soul of Garam bheja fry…it did touch upon few chords..and boy it created a melody…Exquisite is an understatement madame!! “Caps off!!!”- himesh says 🙂

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