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As I sign in today, the intention is to record the memories of certain recent events in my life. Simply because I have always felt this urgency to keep a written record of moments, events or days. Because it seems almost tragic to me to let them slip away into the haze of newer events that may clog my memory. And inking them down helps me prevent just that. So when I revisit my memories, the feel of those days shines through the words and lets me see the past. Crystal clear. It’s always like being teleported to the scene of the event and being a different me.

Today, I sit down to eternalize the blast that was my summer internship. The two months that were the best time I have had in the last one year. So far 🙂

Here are the things I’ll miss about my job, the city and the people:

1. I’ll miss not having the 11.30 deadline on whatever Bangalore has in the name of nightlife.

2. For reason 1 to be missed enough, I’ll miss the cabbies of Bombay, who despite being the cheesy, rude and rather brash lot that they are, do not bother women with their rearview mirror adjusting skills.

3. I’ll miss the hostel, for the fact that staying there was my only much-used, much-justified and much-accepted whining stint. Yes, staying there was my heroic deed. Really!

4. I’ll miss the Chinese boy who worked in the bakery named Happiness or Joy or some such, where I used to eat thrice a week (So much for my memory). He had the widest Chinese toothless smile you could have seen. He even asked me if I was from Tibet. How cute!

5. I’ll miss our office secretary’s loud “What the hell.. Paagal chhe ke?” to her husband on the phone everyday.

6. I’ll miss my roommates at the hostel. And I would like to clarify that I’ll miss only the first two roomies, and NOT the other two. The way we got along proves the fact that adversity binds like nothing else.

7. I’ll miss the Mumbai bus. Not the train. The ride along the Marine Drive is some treat.

8. I’ll miss the mall where I ate on those days when I wasn’t eating at Happiness or Delight, for some reason who’s described below 🙂

9. I’ll miss the kid at the Haji Ali signal who tried to sell flowers to me everyday and one day, he did. One of the few good marketing people.

10. I’ll miss work. Only when I was beginning to love it, it was time to leave 😦

11. This is someone I won’t miss. Someone who’ll be with me always. Someone who made everything special. These are the things we’ll miss together:
– the countdown to the weekend, and hence the TGIF feeling
– waking up to raunchy item numbers on “MTV kickass mornings”
– the late night mall dates
– the incessant e-mailing, and the lunch phone calls
– the movies and the dances

But there are things I carry back from Mumbai. The learning that we’ll always be there for each other. The fact that his enthusiasm makes me optimistic about everything in life. The belief that he believes in me. The joy that he makes me want to promise myself good things, and work harder for them. Again.

Now whoever said summer internship makes for excellent learning was a very wise man 🙂


9 thoughts on “Bombay Times

  1. Awww it seems like you really enjoyed your internship. Don’t worry, more memories and fun times are about to come your way 😉 After all, it’s only the start… best of luck, my dear!

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