The child within

Well, I love children. Not in the matrimonial-interviewish way such as:

Q: Do you like children?
A: (coyly) Yes, I absolutely adore them.

I love children in a more man-to-man kind of way. Because their kind of conversation is my kind of conversation. Without a purpose, full of beans and questioning assumptions. I often feel that I see where they are coming from. To them, nothing seems impossible and therefore, they feel the need to question our constrained vision.

I met this little 6 year old girl on my flight from Delhi to Bangalore. She was sitting next to me and had this lady-like way of speaking. Picture this:

An attendant to her: Hello, would you like some fresh lime or some orange juice?

She: Mango juice.

Attendant: Well, we have orange and lime. We don’t have mango, ma’am.

She: Why, last time they gave me mango. Ok, some lime please.

After a little while, the little girl was intrigued by the clouds that we were dodging every other minute. And she also noticed me clinging on to the seat belt as if for dear life.

She: Are you scared?

Me: No.

She: Are you lying?

Me: No.

She: Really? Then look at the clouds outside.

Me (in the mood for some fun): There are no clouds outside.

She: There are!

Me: Those are not clouds. That’s cotton. A lot of cotton.

She: Nooooooo!! I know they are clouds.

Me: Really? Ok, tell me what do clouds have inside them?

She: Rain

Me: Then why doesnt it rain when the plane cuts open a cloud?

She: So it is cotton?

Me: Yes. In fact, this is a cotton city. Everyone here is made of cotton.

She: Hahahahaha

Me: No I am serious. See, that’s a cotton lion. You see it’s tail? And there, that’s a cotton house… with a cotton chimney.

She: (with a victorious smile) There are no lions where there are houses. And if there was a cotton chimney, the cotton would have become black. And hey, see, it’s raining. We opened up a CLOUD!

Need I say more?


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