The month that was

1. I am back on campus. With new people being called “newbies”, we are the “experts” in second year. Life has again started racing at a pace disproportionate to lazy human existence like mine, but in some way, my feet are finding some kind of sync with it.

2. A lot of guest lectures happened in the last week. People who know me shouldn’t freak at the prospect of me attending lectures where old people rave about their experiences; these were just mandatory sessions I was supposed to attend. Surprisingly, all four that I attended made sense AND kept me awake AND interested me enough to find out more. Maybe, just maybe, I do like something about management studies.

3. It’s one of those phases of my life when I am yet again finding a disconnect with people I have called ‘friends’ in the recent past. I may come across as cynical and selfish and maybe it’s true, but I change friends often. Mainly because friends change us often, and we must choose the change for ourselves – for better or for worse.

4. I am jealous. Of a virtual person. Someone I have never met, but someone I know through some other person. It makes me sad, it makes me ashamed of myself. But I continue to be jealous. I excuse myself on the premise that I am in love.

5. I spoke to old friends on the phone. Three of them. One is getting married, one is going to be a lecturer soon and one has just moved to a more exciting job. I felt so different, speaking to those people. Memories have the power to teleport; they can actually send us back to times we miss.

6. Back at home, the Great Punjabi Extravaganza is on in full swing. What with cousins getting married, other cousins having kids, yet other cousins in the boy-meet-girl stage of getting married. While sometimes it feels good to be out of the picadillian frenzy for the moment, I miss it all the same. As they say, insanity is contagious.

7. There is a world of things I am looking forward to. I am determined to make this year a success. And should God decide to side up with me, it looks poised to be fun too.

That’s all, folks!


6 thoughts on “The month that was

  1. well i stumbled here thru seraphic girl..n i must say ur blog is very interesting..infact the title itself is crowd apart πŸ™‚

  2. @Janefield and Rohit – Thanks guys, it’s very flattering to be asked to write more. πŸ™‚ Will update very soon. @ Poison Coated Elixir and Dreamcatcher – Thank you for visiting. Would love to see you here again! πŸ™‚

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