For Remembrance

I wish I would have written about everything I have gone through the past few months. Pictures say it.. and I have had to live with that much. I have once again ditched this blog long enough. But here are a few things I would like to remember, and tell me grandkids interesting cooked-up stories about. So, in planning for the possible amnesia, here goes:

1. The IIM Cal trip was one of the things that took me back to child-like frenzy we lived in, back in class VII or VIII. An inter-IIM sports meet is a gala of verbal abuse, unmatched grit, pride and euphoria I am glad I didn’t miss (the heavy dose of “gaalis” that left me scarred for life, notwithstanding)

2. Watching the PGP1s go through the first year of MBA was strangely empathic. Sometimes, I wished I could rewind and change a few things.. but what the hell, I would like to believe the worst is over! (Sometimes, optimism is our only chance)

3. Organizing Vista (the management fest at IIMB) was a long 3 month arduous process.. but I had fun while things went haywire, back on track and well, haywire again. Just to brag (remember the grandkids are listening), I managed a national event involving over 300 participants over 3 months almost singlehandedly – it sure was one of my best accomplishments.

4. I was a part of the tracking team at the juniors’ summer placement process. Yay! What tracking means, and why it is great to be a part of the team shall be discussed some other day – but it meant a lot to be considered that responsible. Made me really happy 🙂

5. Last term was the term that saw me doing academically well – actually the best grade I have earned over my IIMB career so far. You would be amazed to see how life ticks with those grades here. So I am marginally better off now.

6. I am in love, a little more than I was earlier 🙂 A sweet dinner and a long drive later, a little something snapped inside me. Some of my jealousy felt more ridiculous, some of my caring seemed more meaningful and I can say I love “A” a little more (I know he’s going to hate being called this:) ). Not to mention my stupid soppy smile, that seemed even wider.

7. I am looking forward to my first international trip to Malaysia next week. Hope it will be lots of fun.. probably my last chance to have a ball, before the grind for the final placements begins. But before all that, I got exams to write. And the first one stares me in the face, about 12 hours from now. Gotta go!! Wish me luck 🙂

Now that some bridges since my last visit have been built, I hope to make this place a regular hangout, than just my bi-annual b***h. Be back soon!!


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