Does it happen with everyone?

That even at 25, you are treated like a schoolkid and told the very basics of how you should spend your day.. not just your life.

That a holiday is always always followed with a rather discouraging lecture focusing on how more time with friends means no time for the family.

That a day out with my best friend and soulmate has to end with angry remarks on how I don’t care for anyone else anymore.

That after a long stressful year, stealing 10 days for oneself to just let loose and hang out with friends who may never meet me all at the same time for years, is something I’m made to regret for.

That after two years of longing for home, home doesn’t seem like a familiar place.

That after having believed that the perfect job cannot be perfect if it takes me away from my home and my city, I wish I had made a different choice.

PS: I am stressed, and I am ranting. Fatigue and disappointment have taken over me today. I wish this is a brief phase but I know it isn’t.


2 thoughts on “Does it happen with everyone?

  1. Would it be a relief to know that there are those who are in the same shoes as you, or perhaps are going through even worse situations?I hate the person who put up notions of a happy life in all our heads.

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