Checklist for April

– Lose Weight N.O.W. On a much less hysterical tone, I have started the diet and exercise regime and am hoping to be lighter soon. Fingers crossed… though with the initial cramps, even crossing fingers hurts!!
– Learn to drive a car. I need to do this for I gotta stop bothering my dahling brother or save those big bucks I’ll end up paying to be driven around.
– Experiment with food. With the whole diet thing on, learning to put together some easy and tasty low cal food comes to mind. I’m waiting to see if it’s a passing phase. But wanna take this up.
– Three books and loads of movies and 100 GB of old TV series like F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and Lost on my list, baby! What do they say about not enough time in the world to do everything.
– One of these days, I wanna do a mega-tag… like putting together all the interesting ones that have been going around and making one huuuuge post that will – hold your breath – reveal all.
– Update the blog about the recent events in my life


One thought on “Checklist for April

  1. its amazing how the first three items on both our checklists are exactly the same!Thank you for blogrolling me!

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