.. myself! I know that that’s like the height of boredom, but I wanted to do this because I want this blog to know me a little more. Also, I have been reading this tag around at everyone’s page and had begun to feel left out. This shall also be the First Subpart of the Mega Tag.

Ten things you wish you could say to people right now (without taking names)

  1. I am sorry. I know I should have not said the things I said, and I will never say that again. Please forgive me.
  2. I love you. You’re the best.
  3. Please get a hold on your life before even you cannot help yourself. Your spending your parents’ hard-earned money on alcohol without giving it a second thought – is nothing to boast of and frankly, I hate the way all your conversations hover around the same issue.
  4. You’re the bestest friend I have ever met. I hope you would never change. But on second thoughts, I hope you do change a little bit just so people stop thinking of you as a pushover.
  5. I can’t call you because the stuff you talk about makes me upset. Your pessimism is contagious, and I’m tired of trying to cheer you up.
  6. Can’t you see the way you’re being treated by your girlfriend? The next time, please have the courage to tell her to pick up her bags herself, to serve her own food and to pack her clothes herself!!
  7. I wish I could be more like you. There are good and bad things about all of us, but I seem to precisely need your good things.
  8. I don’t need to and will not answer your intrusive questions. Before I stop taking the pain to dodge them and be polite, please get a life and stop asking me about my salary, when I plan to marry and if there is “someone special”.
  9. I miss you. We should probably meet once more. Like the old times.
  10. I am proud of you, and I always will be. Rock on!

Nine things about myself

  1. Only a few people know how paranoid and sensitive I am. Others think I’m a stone-cold biaaaaatch! That’s the way I would like to keep it.
  2. I concentrate on things I love doing, completely and exlusively – forgetting about other activities. Sometimes such obsession has proved to be good and sometimes fatal.
  3. I like to do things that would make my loved ones happy. Baking a cake for a friend, cleaning up the house when mom’s gone, making a personalized present for a birthday – I like these things.
  4. I am a huge cleanliness freak. I might develop or already have OCD. I scrub incessantly. I dust compulsively. I organize folders, files, books, CDs, you-name-it helplessly. Much like Monica Geller, “When I am anxious, I clean”. But there is something strange about my cleaning. I like to clean from the scratch. As in, I never mind someone dirtying my room because the dirtier it is, the better time I have cleaning up after. I am weird like that.
  5. I don’t like people pretending to be nicer/sweeter/different in any which way than they actually are, once I can sense that they’re doing such a thing. Such behaviour either makes me ignore the person or become unbelievably sarcastic.
  6. I hate to be told that going to an IIM makes me special or successful or lucky. I was definitely not lucky because I worked my ass off to get in. I am not successful yet because it was just an education and how I use it or not will decide if it did me any good, just like it happens for other people. And I am not special because lots of people go to the IIMs every year, only to realize that there are smarter people in the world who never needed an MBA to get where they wanted to.
  7. All the general vices hold true for me – love food, chocolates, shopping, movies. Huge cheese fanatic as well. The obesity thus stands explained.
  8. I tend to lose touch with old friends. This is something I would desperately want to change about myself.
  9. I always am better friends with guys than I make with girls.

Eight ways to win my heart

  1. Talk well and listen equally well.
  2. Be able to make a point without raising your voice.
  3. Sing. Dance. Basically, be good at whatever I am not good at. I automatically will be in awe.
  4. Be able to laugh at yourself.
  5. Respect women without trying hard.
  6. Like impromptu outings.
  7. Be yourself and not be apologetic/explanatory about your quirks.
  8. Make stupid jokes.

Seven things that cross my mind a lot

  1. Do I look fat in this?
  2. I am going to tell A about this!
  3. Is the gymming really helping me?
  4. Damn, I forgot!
  5. What if this happened to me?
  6. He is right! Again!
  7. Stop pestering me!!

Six things I wish I had not done

  1. Not worked hard enough during term 1.
  2. Had the ugly fights I’ve had with A.
  3. Lost touch with two of my very good friends.
  4. Had a certain argument with mom.
  5. Put up with mean “friends”.
  6. Quit my last job without telling my boss that she sucked.

Five turn-offs

  1. Boasting
  2. Body odour
  3. Statements like “I’m with stupid” on your t-shirt
  4. Insensitive jokes. Especially on women.
  5. Being over-practical and over-analytical of everything.

Four turnons

  1. Wit and a genuine sense of humour
  2. Confidence
  3. Dancing
  4. Honesty

Three things to do before I die

  1. Travel across Europe, NZ, Australia and the UK.
  2. Get married, and have two kids.
  3. Write a book.

Two smileys that describe me

  1. 😉
  2. 🙂

One confession

Though I have denied it to countless people on so many occasions, I am a control freak and should loosen up sometimes. 😦


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