The Time of My Life

I will write about it someday. All that I had, all that I saw, all that made me laugh, all that made me cry. About the mad mad rush that had me feeling like a turtle. About what made everyone tick. About the premise of friendship, and of heartbreak. About the end of a fancy and the moment with which the end comes. About how low we could stoop and how high we flew. About discovering a different genre of love. About selfish friends and selfless acquaintances. About how reason killed creativity, and vice versa. About drunken binges and sleepless nights. About the time of my life. Someday.


2 thoughts on “The Time of My Life

  1. “About drunken binges and sleepless nights””About how low we can stoop and how high we flew..”If ever you’re gonna complete this post (or the sequel)…I will echo that!Dunno if similar experiences exist or I have just made out of your post what suits me best…some day, not long back, this is what I would have called The Time of My Life…Keep posting!

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