Of Blogging and Anonymity

As a blogger, I am anonymous to all the people I know in the real world, except one person. I read their blogs but most of them do not know that I blog at all. I do not link to their posts, and have never delurked in their comment spaces. But I do not and will never use this opportunity to litter their spaces with rude comments. A few people from the blogosphere, however, are aware of my identity and much more about me. What is this deep obsession with keeping my personal life so excluded from the one I lead here? It isn’t about the content because I haven’t written anything earth-shattering out here. Is it some mild form of schizophrenia? I don’t know. I think it’s just the comfort of being judged, if at all, on only what opinion I hold. If I am fat and I happen to write something about the absurdity of fake weightloss regimes and dangerous diet programs, I want a discussion on what I have to say without getting a “Grapes are sour” message back. Geddit? This post was triggered by the fact that one of the girls I know from college has decided to password-protect her blog because she feels it’s not OK for anyone to read her blog without letting her know. I however do not agree. A blogger who writes publicly is an author of a public diary and by the very nature of the medium he/she has chosen, it’s rather bewildering if not stupid to expect people to not read it. You can go private, and then it just becomes another personal diary for which you are using a secluded chunk of the wired world that you like to welcome only a few people into. You can also switch off comments on one or all of your posts because you do not want people’s opinion on either your decisions, your beliefs or opinions. You can moderate your comments for the same reasons. But can you really hold someone guilty of the fact that they have been reading what is an open website? So, the next time I google up a phrase and a blog URL with a matching search result is thrown back at me, I am expected to skip it? Yes, it is wrong to hack into a protected blog or to use someone else’s content or pass on someone’s password. It is absolutely spineless to leave contemptuous comments with fake IDs or anonymous stinkers. But to read a public blog because you chanced upon it? Let me know what you think!


2 thoughts on “Of Blogging and Anonymity

  1. To totally not be presumptuous or anything- but since I had a similar experience recently, I thought I’d mention that some people take their blogs private because of plagiarism, (direct or indirect and uncredited usage of their words) not because they don’t want people to read or chance upon it. I for one, found some of my writing (some that I liked a lot, unfortunately) sitting somewhere else, pretending to be someone else’s exact words. Feels like someone’s slapped you, to be honest.By the way, you really have a way with words.

  2. Yes, yes.. I wonder how I missed that reason. Infact, that’s the most sorry form of desperation. And by the way, we know each other :)I will mail you soon.

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