I have picked up another tag from various other blogs. I liked it and that’s all the reason I need. So here goes: Given the situation, I will name the song the situation reminds me of.

Opening Credits: Life for Rent
Waking Up: The Nescafe Open Up song
Average Day: Hanging by a Moment
First Date: Somethin’ Stupid/ Pehla Nasha
Falling in Love: You’re Beautiful/ Main Koi Aisa Geet Gaoon
Love Scene: Wonderful Tonight
Fight Scene: Khalbali
Breaking Up: Unwell
Getting Back Together: With or Without You
Secret Love: Can’t help falling in love
Life’s Ok: Comfortably Numb
Mental Breakdown: Outside
Driving: Aksar
Learning a Lesson: The Reason
Deep Thought: Another Brick in the Wall
Flashback: Purani Jeans / Summer of ’69
Partying: Beedi
Happy Dance: Uptown Girl
Regretting: Leaving on a Jet Plane/ Billy
Long Night Alone: Wish You Were Here
Death Scene: Coming Back to Life/ Yeh Safar (1942 A Love Story)
Closing Credits: Roobaroo / That’s The Way It Is


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