Life, as I knew it

For about two months now, I’ve been contemplating penning down my IIM story. Life as it was for the last two years. The life of a rat panting in the rat race, knowing what a rat it has become, and then realizing how this rat-dom is a huge privilege for everyone on the sidelines. Two wondrous years. The time of my life. But I never did write anything. You see, someone recently told me that everyone out of an IIT/IIM is a Chetan Bhagat wannabe, and thinks the world should actually give two hoots about their story about the man-eat-man competition and all the ugly things that happen alongside. Well, when people hate something with that intensity, they are instantly drawn to it.. so, I just decided to save all that for my book too 😀 Only there are some memories I have, some I really need to record and cry over, some I need as reminders and others I need for very selfish reasons. And now for the moments I cherish:

20. 00.00 am @ 12th April, 2006. “Congratulations! You have been selected for the PGDM programme at IIMC” triggers visions of seven lakes beckoning. 12 hours later, wiping out the vision of the stinky lakes as shows similar message.

19. Getting dunked at L-square and be a victim of the best practical joke ever planned. Believing that the ordeal was really over.

18. The endless hours spent discussing grades, profs., courses, life, friends, people, the insti, placecom and other pointless things in the days just following the midterms. Always ending with “Life sucks!”

17. Rahul’s birthday coinciding with Unmaad both years, and the impromptu tequila party that ensued at midnight. The first was to ensure he didn’t gulp down the bottle alone, the second in the memory of the first.

16. The FII/tracker meetings in the Computer Centre ending with a hot plate of maggi from Athica’s on the way back. Settling for chicken roll from Night Canteen instead, when Athica’s guy had not been paid for the whole last term.

15. The Beijing Bites/Dine-in dinner four times a week as a personal silent revolt to mess food. Being asked by the Dine-in guy if we were naaraaz with him after having stuck to the mess for a week in a state of extreme bankcruptcy.

14. Sitting through Ranga’s histrionics in the MicroEco class, always convincing myself that everyone was equally clueless. Being proved horribly wrong in both the midterm and the endterm exam.

13. Brushing teeth in 30 seconds for YLR Moorthy’s 8 am class and finding myself locked out for being a minute late. Finding out there was no surprise quiz a hugely torturing 1 hour 30 minutes later.

12. Attending and loving lectures by Ramnath Narayanswamy on everything and nothing in particular. Getting screwed by his teaching assistant in the only one first term exam I was confident about.

11. The project meetings starting at 9 p.m. and ending at 7 a.m., with ample time-killing ably handled by Pal. Crawling back to K block in the wee hours of the morning and starting the “next” day half an hour’s life-saver nap later.

10. Submitting project reports at 11.56.59 am, well within the deadline of 11.59.59 am. Celebrating the end of the term’s project season with a customary lasagna dinner at La Casa or with shawarma at Kabab Magic.

9. Bullying Pandaman over his Man-U “towel” made to masquerade as a wall hanging, his orange-y facewash, his bartending skills. Tying him Rakhi and knowing he was always by my side.

8. Rushing for pre-placement talks that promised an insight into our near future as well as free pizza. Coming back stuffed, and as clueless as before.

7. Birthday celebrations at midnight with faces smeared in cake and head dumped in eggs. A warm cake, champagne and a game of Scrabble.

6. Missing breakfast on days with no morning classes, in anticipation of a brunch at the campus Coffee Day – the order being so predictable that we didn’t really have to order. Sitting there for hours at end, solving crosswords, playing Scrabble.

5. Being heartbroken and powerless at the end of the zeroeth day of summer placements. Finding my best friend the same evening, and bouncing back the next day with freshly mugged Black Scholes formulae.

4. Having not much but just a chocolate cookie to offer to a junior to lift up her moods on the zeroeth day of the facchas’ summer placements. Getting a “Keep in touch” message from her months later.

3. Dancing the blues away at L-square, being drunk enough to beep all intelligent conversation out. Inventing bizarre dance moves. Saying stuff we knew we’d deny saying. Confirming gossip. Pehla Nasha. What is Love. Beedi. Maye Ri. 6 am coffee.

2. Smiling at cameras, dressed in the prestigious black gown. Holding on tight to the degree hard-earned.

1. Saying it to him over rum and raisin cake on Christmas night, ignoring a loud throbbing that threatened to be audible across the corridor as well. Never looking back.


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