Are you looking over your shoulder?

I am done with reading some bloggers. I mean what the heck! There’s got to be something to stop you. I have now seen (they actually say it) people blogging from work feeling oh-so-sorry for a blogger-buddy who has taken ill today or raise their voice against food wastage. And since you must add your two cents to what happens to the food inside the refrigerator, who gives a tiny rat’s ass about the organization’s time and money that you spent moderating your comments. And the audacity is much moped about under the “I hate my job” and “Mondays are sooooo bad” type of posts, and much celebrated with “Oh sweetie, hang in there” comments! WTF. If you so hate your job, quit and look for another one. Here’s more news baby, blogging is an excuse for your free-rider big-assed-ego that retaliates with “I make up for my blogging, and I don’t need to explain”.. and your fellow pigheads all go “Aww, , how insensitive are you for making this pighead little darling feel even more miserable on such a bad day.” Well, all I got for you is a big F**k Your Own Ass! Because for every sneaky post up on your friggin’ Blogger/Wordpress/LiveJournal page, there’s someone else working harder or taking more shit than they should, bitches. Maybe I should link up to some bloggers who blog only from work because believe-it-or-not the time at home is exclusively for their families and they wouldn’t trade it for anything else! Awwww! But that serves no purpose, because the moment you read this, you know if you’re one of them or not. Go rot in hell, and just in case you’re feeling like telling the world how bored you are there, take your blog along!


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