Back here. Yet again. In the public eye after a long hiatus from the prying eyes of all the 3 people and 1 troll that were seen on this blog in the Ice Age 🙂 So many things to say and never enough words. Like they just slip away between my pulling them out of the head and the keyboard taking over. Like life’s not stopping for me to catch up. Like this blog is soon losing purpose. Well, if it wasn’t being royally ignored, I’d have written about:

The day it rained crazily and I walked a kilometer looking for garam bhutta
The power politics that suddenly trivializes the “players” and the usual victims
The “other blog” I want to read, but someone wouldn’t let me
The posts I read, the people I met, the topics that were close to my heart
The movies I saw, the trips I went for and the book I read (yes, only one!)
Work and how it could not suck more! (trust me, I have much to add to this killed-to-death theme)

But I haven’t. Here’s hoping that I will soon find the time and the motivation to keep this place going at my pace.


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