Birthday Promises

I sat down and reminisced about the week that had been. A lot has happened, but a lot happens every week. Only this week it felt different. It was my birthday this week. A day that has come for years and spent out of the ordinary, to be fair. This one was different. I was turning 25, I was knee deep in Quarter Life Crisis, I was battling work pressures till the evening before and I was not going to take anyone to lunch at McDonald’s.

Totally unexpected that it happened to be the best day of my life in a long, long time. A day full of little joys, of a number of ‘firsts’, of glimpses of a life to come and of moments that you see God’s intervention in. I felt so loved that my worries found another place to nag that night. I dressed up and smiled inanely, but I knew I meant it. I let myself be, because I didn’t feel the need to not be. How do you explain moments that make you so happy you cry while being a strong critic of emotional crying? How do you not find your own ‘khushi ke aansoon’ cheesy? I can just thank all the people who made it the most beautiful day I’ve had, and say that I love you. I will always love you. I hope I can bring you some of this happiness back. I hope I am worth it. I hope.

The night before, a lot of thinking happened on how sad it was to be 25 and officially old, but how cool it was that I am now the age I always thought was appropriate to be indulging in *ahem* all one wants. It seemed appropriate to be a little short-sighted and frivolous (as a last attempt to seem young and all?). Here are 26 things I want to do achieve/do/get before my 26th birthday {I know, so clichéd} I am head over heels in love with someone, and therefore, I alert thee with serious mush attack ahead.

  1. I want to get a Kerala spa massage. My aching shoulders and cervical pain are screaming for some serious pampering, even as I pen this down.
  2. I want to get thin. Real thin. Kareena OMG-she-has-sunken-cheeks-now Kapoor thin. Just once. Pliss.
  3. I want to move to Mumbai. I wish and pray and cross my fingers. Soon, I tell the silly heart, soon.
  4. I want to go for a vacation alone with A. Somewhere where it’s quiet and not much to do. Where we’ll while away days without an itinerary to follow.
  5. I want to learn to cook nice, hot Gobhi paranthas. And cheese omelets. And waffles.
  6. I want to check my procrastination. Been wanting to do that for ages 😀
  7. I want to learn to drive. This was also on my radar in April. But very soon, I hope I will be vroom-ing away to work on my own, touchwood.
  8. I want to stop being edgy. It’s incredibly irritating. And it gets me even edgier.
  9. I want to plan A’s b’day such that it’ll just bowl him over. Yet again. Just like he did for me. I lurrrrrve you.
  10. I want to spend as much time with A as is possible for us crazy long distancers. Really miss you at times. Specially the ones when a PJ opportunity comes and goes. Or when I’m being a total goof. Or when I cry.
  11. I want to go to Goa with all my friends. I don’t know how this will happen. Well, another time then.
  12. I want to go for plays as often as I go for movies. Theatre is the baap of cinema, my friend.
  13. I want to go dancing more often. I miss L^2. No calendar-checking or logistics-planning had to happen to attend it. You just wanted to choose between bunking and mugging for a quiz. Always an easy one.
  14. I want to learn how to put makeup on. Get me some nice tips kindly. I so suck at it!! Good thing I don’t try too often.
  15. I got to complete 100 posts on this blog. For the heck of it. ‘Just popped in to say hi, readers’ is a post. FYI.
  16. I shall binge on nachos and momos once every month. I know this contradicts point number 2 which is anyways not possible because I will never manage point number 6. So I guess it’s ok.
  17. Someone get me this. Or this. What about this baby. In my size. Get me the perfect hairdo as well.
  18. I’ll read more. Lots more.
  19. I will thank God more often. I don’t, though I know and firmly believe I have loads of reason to thank Him for.
  20. I hope I can be a part of the good work here.
  21. I’ll be more patient at work. Maybe, that’s the key.
  22. I want to go for river rafting. Once more. Shit scared but enthu nonetheless.
  23. I want to celebrate Holi this year.
  24. I want to finish learning Bangla this year.
  25. I will give up cheese and cream and butter. I will not give up chocolate. No.
  26. I will have an entirely new list of things to do, this day, next year.



5 thoughts on “Birthday Promises

  1. Happy Birthday(Belated??). Its great that you had a memorable day on your 25th birthday. The list is really cool, hope you achieve it all this year.

  2. @goofy mumma: Thank you the wishes!! 🙂 Got all hopes of crossing off all the points of the list this year..let’s see.

  3. Happy Birthday :)!!!Nice post. Loved the list 🙂 Made me want to make a list of my own, birthday or no birthday…All the best.

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