Telling a Tale

.. of revenge.

Abject but calm, decisively eerie, Frank grimly hissed, “I jovially kill, lovingly molest. Not obstrusively patronizing. Quietly reprobate.”
She then understood vendetta. Wildly xenogenous, yet zealous.

Spotted something? The story (or the sorry attempt towards one) above uses words the initial letter of each of which gives the English alphabet in the right sequence. Read stories written with this concept on another blog, but can’t remember which one. Yeah, it took me so long to force-fit the words that I forgot where I stole the idea from. Let me know what you think. And treat this as a tag.. have fun!

Edited to add: I got the idea from here.


7 thoughts on “Telling a Tale

  1. Took the tag? No probs!Actually I used to read your blogs before I started blogging. Perhaps reached from Sayesha.You do not post often these days huh?Anyways I am a silent lurker. Don’t comemnt too often 🙂

  2. @goofy mumma: thanks! why don’t you do it too. @stupidosaur: well, i read your posts pretty regularly too. and yes, spotted you on sayesha’s blog only. so we are both silent lurkers. great to see you here again.

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