So, here’s my first tag. It’s the first because this is first time I did not impose a tag on myself in a meek attempt to prevent this blog from dying a slow death. This time, I have been “tagged” by Goofy Mumma.

Love: My boyfriend is an addiction of mine. Events through the day go into a mental log of “Chat stuff with A tonight”. He is my pillar of strength and my best friend and all that. But above all that, he is someone who I see myself planning stuff with, someone who’s a partner in crime, a fellow gossiper in times of extreme despair, someone who can laugh at my silly jokes as much as I can at his, someone I love to go out with for his (as well as my) utter lack of respect for arty movies such as “The Last Lear” or for that matter “Kidnap”. If he had been my childhood sweetheart, this is exactly the level of comfort I would have had with him.. so I can say that we have safely finished the work of 20-odd years in 2 years! I just want me to stay an addict with this one addiction 🙂

Loops: Playing a song till everybody around me can cry and rattle its lyrics backwards at the same time is one of my addictions. A new snack or recipe that appeals to my extremely disloyal taste buds is another one of my addictions. A colour which I think I love. Ofcourse, this addiction is grouped under Loops because I am easy to give up on favourite song/snack/colour soon. On songs, the last addiction was Tum Ho Toh from Rock On. On food, two recent addictions are momos and nachos. Momos at Dilli Haat or Brown Sugar yes! Or any other Indi-Cheeni joint. Also, nachos at PVR.. with the cheesy dip and salsa. yummmm.. Cheap substitute for nachos is a packeted snack called Peppitos. On colors, the last addiction was red. I was just short of buying jeans with a red shade, at which point my family stood up for its pride and dingity and decided they would disown me.

Travel & Food pics/shows/reviews/websites/NDTV Good Times/Discovery Travel & Living: Oh, the awesomeness. I wholeheartedly feel I should have THAT job. Where you are eating a cheese laden pot-pie in a small unpronounceably named cafe in Italy, while an old incomprehensible language speaking chef is smiling on and I am just nodding saying “Very good Very good.. Bon appetit” and then proceeding to tell the camera that the herbs are really very subtle in a sauce that has the right consistency for the freshly baked bread that it’s served with and that please don’t miss it. Or the other perfect job would be where a nicely-decked up me walks around a green jungle and says “see that cottage far into the woods, that’s where this rocking TV channel has put me up”.. then click some pics around, and waft off to said cottage and have a nice spa massage or hot steaming local delicacies interspersed with “yahaan ki sabhyata or sanskriti ka apna hi rang hai”.. Some day!

Bollywood: Give me the gossip about Kajol and SRK’s cold war or Goldie Behl’s latest kiddie-flick or Sambhavana Seth’s Bigg (what? that’s the correct spelling) Boss antics any day. I am the kid who thought Chitrahaar was the staple food of the soul when I was little. I am the teenager who thought that there were only three types of people in the world: Akash, Sameer or Sid. I am the grown-up who thinks that SRK can never be loved by >22 year-olds and never be hated by
22 year-olds and below and that he cannot be ignored. He is a fixature of our times. How can you not louuuuu it all? Yes, I am the one who starts reading the newspaper from where Lindsay Lohan is sprawled sideways, and Imran Khan is flexing his muscles! Okay?

Word Games: Crosswords, Scrabble, Anagrams.. just bring it on. It’s the kind of thing I can spend hours doing. I suck at cryptic crosswords though and I am no Sophie Neveu with numerical puzzles either. Yet, this addiction is the one thing I seriously feel I would want to pass on to my kids. So that there will be people to enjoy it with me. Quality time with the kids and me solving a puzzle.. what a nerdy mom I will make!

The rules for the tag: Link tag to the person who tagged you (done). Tag five or more blogger of my choice. Here are the 5:

A Little Bit of Nothing

Broken Images

The Mad Momma (well, she is already tagged by Goofy Mumma, but I am just reiterating the great need for her to do this :D)


– Anyone who is suffering from an extreme case of writer’s block.


15 thoughts on “Irresistibles!

  1. Wow, what a read. Very nice. Hey I am addicted to Bollywood and gossip too, big time. I think your first addiction is the best one though!!

  2. I so want to take this tag..since im some one whose been suffering from this block for a long time..and end up writing and rambling total nonsense..dont know how and when will i take this tag..but do wish me luck..and btw..loved ur post…damn cool!

  3. Wow this had me laughing aloud :)) I have been playing,’yeh tumhari meri batein…’in loop for days now, before this it was ‘hum kis galee jaa rahe hain’, so I can imagine the family’s misery very well:)Hilarious post 🙂

  4. @IHM: Oh good! So I’m not the only one. I really think that hearing the song again and again builds that mood when u can really enjoy it.. true no? 🙂

  5. Hey!! First timer here. the blog is too good not to delurk! 🙂 Well, what prompted me follows as below!I LOVE to watch cookery shows as well.//I am the one who starts reading the newspaper from where Lindsay Lohan is sprawled sideways, and Imran Khan is flexing his muscles! Okay?//Me too! which my dad finds extremely annoying!//On colors, the last addiction was red.//Mine is white! :)Btw, who do you think you like and find more practical and all that among Sid, Sameer and Akash?

  6. @MM: I am waiting to see your addictions.. I am sure it will be fun reading them.@sayrem: you will have to finish taking this quiz on the youniverse website. copy the code from there and place it in any one of the spare sidebar boxes available on the blog layout page.@s w a t: Found ur blog really interesting.. I will always like Sameer as my favourite.. he just represents me in so many ways.. not that practical though 🙂

  7. Is it possible to not know certain people too well, not even be able to say – I have a great rapport with A and/or N – but just find the idea of them being together incredibly awesome – from the very time that they did start being together?

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