What me needs

Saw this tag doing the rounds, and was tempted to try it out. The results had me laughing, so thought I’d put it out here.

I was supposed to Google “MY NAME needs” and paste the top ten results Google throws up. Now, my name is Neha (No, I am not divulging much because that’s what the name of 1/6th female population in Delhi is) and NEHA also stands for “National Environmental Health Association”. I am inflicting this seemingly pointless information onto you, so you can appreciate the results of the tag:

1. “Neha needs to be more generous for fans and associates.. “
If only I knew I had “fans”, darling!

2. “Neha needs to strengthen the stature of the REHS/ RS credential..” – whatever that is! This was immediately followed by “Neha needs to better define its niche in the international community and…” – hmmm!

3. “Neha needs to strengthen its presence and visibility in the area of terrorism…” – Hahahahahaha!

4. “Neha needs to establish a committee to determine the implications of genetically…”

5. “Neha needs Fizza’s fizz” – Huh?


7. “At the end of the day, Neha needs to understand that this film is as much hers as Sanu’s or mine.”

8. “I think Neha needs to shed weight.” BUT this was immediately followed by “She has been Miss India and she has the capability to do it, probably she isn’t focusing at all.” I hear ya!

9. “Neha needs to be more generous.”

Summing it all up with

10. “Even the best case scenario is short of what Neha needs.”


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