Ramblings of the Sleepless Mind

So, yours truly has moved to Mumbai. The city of dreams. The sea. The spirit. Slumdog Millionaire. And well, it’s all been fine. I am beginning to like it, but dare I say, Mumbai will never be Delhi. The city that’s rude, bitchy, pompous, unsafe… yet keeping safe the romantic winter in its January fog, the history in its neglected monuments and the cheekiness in almost everyone.
I figure I am a sucker for correct spelling. Don’t you go nosing in my archives to prove me wrong! It’s so bad that I am unable to take anything with an instance of misspelling, seriously. You see, you’d never find me in one of those “Kwik Kabs”. I know, it’s supposed to be a smart twist to the correct spelling or some BS like that, but their seemingly harmless play with phonetics doesn’t quite cut it with me.

Oh, and I figured this after I couldn’t focus on a document at work that contained “judgementle”. Or that’s my explanation for it. Yeah, I’m JUDGMENTAL like that.
So, I was listening to the very creatively-titled news bulletin “Balanced Views” on A.I.R., and the really nonchalant way in which they announced the killing of 6 people in the Naxal attacks on polling booths in Bihar was rather disturbing. Are we slowly becoming a nation that pushes single-digit death counts to the end of the news bulletins, right after the latest on IPL and the movie reviews? Also, while I quite prefer the stoic and graceful Usha Albuquerque of yore over the Arnabs and Rajdeeps of our bulging-eyes, pen-in-hand-being-pointed-right-into-the-camera, bursts of hysterical yelling times of news reading, I thought the radio non-chalance smacked more of indifference than anything else. A little emotion would not have been misplaced, given that the incident is, well, the worst fear come true for the recent flurry of “Let’s Vote” campaigns. I was wondering if the TOI front page photograph of smiling women sporting their freshly inked index fingers had anything to do with doing some damage control on that. But then, TOI is not that smart.
Do you think Varun Gandhi looks pretty dumb almost all the time? Even in that much infamous hate speech, he looks and sounds dumb. You see, atleast Advaniji and Modiji could have taught him how to do the unethical and illogical in complicated Hindi or loud Gujarati, yeah?
I have work to do right now. On Friday night. At 1 a.m. To finish by 12 noon. I want to kill someone.
Someone wise once told me, “When you find yourself planning out your Friday evening at Monday lunch, it’s time to change your job.” I’ve got news for Mr. Someone Wise. That way, I won’t be working anymore. Profound huh?
How, how, how do you work around politics at work? Well, I just make rude, sarcastic remarks when approached to comment and end up being on neither side. And that works!
I found myself wondering about my grandparents today. I’ve never met them; I know them through pictures and through my parents’ accounts. It sure is freaky when someone tells you that you said/did/believe in something uncannily similar to what your grandparents (whom you’ve never met) would have said/done/believed in.
I figure I won’t ever be incorrigibly unhappy as long as there’s Maggi in my kitchen and F.R.I.E.N.D.S. re-runs to watch. Comfort in small things? Shallowness? Can’t say!
Well, alright, I gotta scoot. If someone’s still here after all these days, would be good to hear from you!


11 thoughts on “Ramblings of the Sleepless Mind

  1. @wiseling: I do want to believe you. Anyway, I have nothing against the city.. it will just take some getting used to, I think.

  2. Took a three month stint to make me fall for the city. Shortly after though, I fell for a Bombayite. Now I’m dying to get back.

  3. @shrutz: Like I said earlier, you’re like the voice of my conscience, dil ki awaaz, et al. Okay, let me tell you something.. I look so FAT in those pictures that I’m NEVER going to put them up. I can’t.

  4. Ah, you delurk and I come by a-visitin and what do I find – a girl who sounds a lot like me five years back. So, hello there.

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