Armchair Philosophy on a Rainy Night

Seems like a lot has happened since I last wrote. Over the last few days I have learnt that:

– The idea of home is subjective. Home could be where the heart is. Where mom is. Where dad is. Or the city you grew up in. Maybe where one’s friends / siblings are? This might be a part of growing up, but I really feel like I don’t always need to be home, to feel at home.

– Whether one cares for the fun of the journey or for the doggedness of getting there, can be determined by how one chooses to lose weight (don’t laugh!) So who’d you rather be friends with: the kickboxer or the starver?

– Insecurity is probably the most pervasive emotion. Religion. Sexual orientation. Class. Beauty. Wit. You name it, and you’ll have met/heard of someone insecure on those grounds. Uski kameez meri kameez se safed kaise, could be the anthem for our generation.

– Words don’t flow. They don’t talk. They don’t bother. They sit inside of you patiently waiting for ideas to rescue them. Ideas that can lend them purpose. A writer’s block is almost always the absence of the perfect idea for the words to borrow meaning from and to be set free

– You can always learn something. Even at your workplace.

Goodnight for now, folks! Will be back here to share more soon.


5 thoughts on “Armchair Philosophy on a Rainy Night

  1. @ghazal: Thanks a lot. And I visited your blog too, quite like it. Can I blogroll you?@sraikh: You're sure the kickboxer, lady!

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