The 50th


Ladies and gentlemen, at the stroke of midnight, as the world sleeps, this blog shall complete its 50th post today.
Ofcourse, we shall ignore the part that it’s already been almost 2.5 years this blog began its existence and I have 50 posts to show for it. Because you see, atleast I have not let it die. It has scraped through bouts of extreme won’t-move-my-butt-unless-something-about-myself-who-else-is-interesting-enough and the ‘I write when I am surrounded by chirping sparrows, misty clouds and nostalgia’ snobbery. And I never promised that this will become a diary of sorts, I just said I’ll try to have this survive. I set the bar low in typical consultant-style – underpromise and overdeliver. Yeah?
But I feel I gotta step this up now. Like cater to my audiences. Like write something meaty. Like make you think. Ok.
Ofcourse, this 50th post can’t be something meaningless (as it is so far giving the impression of being). Here’s what we will talk about today: Me. Surprised? Now, here’s the deal: I’ll put down – Seven things I like to do, Seven things I like to eat, Seven things I like to wear, Seven of my most prized possessions & Seven people I’d like to tag.

7 things I like to do:

Writing: I have written to vent, to express, to keep a secret and to let it all out from as long as I can remember. I find it therapeutic and complex at the same time. I also think that the childhood, adoloscence and old age are trapped in one’s writings. My cousin and I recently read letters we used to exchange about 15 years back, and though the “Fly to” superscribed on envelopes must have made the postmen cringe, those letters are precious hard evidence of a good time had. Sample this: “Brother and I want to come to your house. But Papa is very busy. He cannot absent from office. Mum also wants to come. She will tell Papa we will all go and he can come later.” Ahem.

Reading: For a child who would have been more than happy never making eye contact with anyone, digging her nose into a long long book was the easiest way of going through 24 hours every day. Every book I have read has transported me to a world I built all up in my head, the special effects all being mine. So special is reading and living in a strange world to me, that I remember dreaming about those worlds and imagining myself there, discovering new things. Ofcourse, the next day, all the new things were plugged into the plot of the book. No, don’t go, I’m not crazy.

Eating: Well, now is not the time to rue this. It’s a time to celebrate this. I love food and I am not ashamed about it – a well-roasted bhutta, dripping-in-oil chhola bhaturas, anything in pesto, homemade chicken curry, steaming hot momos from Dilli Haat – give me anything, and you have a happy girl. It poses minor problems like trying to find hippo-sized clothes in malls for human beings, or that of being someone who ends all arguments with “I need chocolate. Will you leave me alone?” But I don’t think worries like inching away (mind the pun!) to size XL slowly but surely, and of not knowing how to deal with arguments in an amicable fashion hold half a candle to the state of nirvana achieved after a meal that begins with cheese jalapeno peppers and ends with chocolate brownies.

Shopping: I’m the person who feels like “Shhhh!! they only sent ME that message. I’m going to be the first one to get my hands on their 50% off merchandise. Yayyyy!!” You can show me how the shirt that was tagged 1k last week is marked 2.5 K now with a ‘60% off’ written next to it in font 42 and big bold black, but my mind will not listen. Yes people, all ye advertisers, I’m the one with the dollars in my eyes whom you worship, lure and rob. I’m the one who looks on expectantly on someone else’s b’day hoping that one little sidie gift will fly her way as well. I’m the one who has closet-fuls of precious useless stuff. And I’m the compulsive kind of shopper who doesn’t even need a companion. Note: I have a wishlist that runs into three long HTML pages. Friends wanting to buy me stuff, mail me.

Blog-hopping: One moment I’m reading about what someone in Nairobi cooked the previous night, and the next I’m reading about Vidya Balan’s fashion faux pas. Now I’m celebrating a new mommy’s monthly birthday updates, and then I’ll be exploring the travel exploits of a dear friend. The options are so many; the mind boggles. Ofcourse, alongside, I can read the status update of various friends on gtalk/twitter/FB – it’s almost like knowing what a neighbour is doing, by not always having to ask. It’s like a world each one of us carries on our shoulders – ever-expanding, ever-changing and always exciting. Ofcourse, I’ve been a management student and am genuinely curious as to how people wrote their projects without Google. Respect!

Travelling: Now this is going to be somewhat hard, because the farthest on my travelometer so far has been Kuala Lumpur. Ofcourse, in keeping with the tradition followed by all serious travellers of always seeking intriguing places to go, I have also been to Bhatinda. However, I aspire to travel to virgin beaches where one only sees the colours white, green and blue, or to hidden valleys where one can easily get lost or rainforests where animals of supposedly-extinct species will jump up from nowhere. Now only if that windfall I need (and deserve) will come through!

Lazing: Duh! I mean, weren’t ALL of the above hinting at this? What’s a week of endless binges and exhausting shopping that doesn’t end in a perfectly aimless Sunday. Waking up at 11 am, devouring newspapers till noon, having a big brunch, dozing off again and getting up in the evening for some hectic TV watching – something I do every third weekend. Helps connect with my senses that I lose at work every week. Also has proved very effective in stalling bankruptcy for me. Try it.

7 things I like to eat:
1. Spaghetti with insane amounts of pesto and sun-dried tomatoes, and a generous dose of olive oil.
2. Atta gol gappas @ Delhi roadside, brimming with green spicy paani and those over-boiled chanas
3. Piping hot pakodas with extra-sweet chai, that will always always remind me of the endless road trips made between Delhi and Punjab
4. Blueberry cheesecake with whipped cream
5. Momos – Chanakyapuri, Brown Sugar’s, Priya’s and Dilli Haat’s. I have trouble respecting people who don’t like momos with the suspicious looking red sauce.
6. Maggi and friends i.e. Cheese maggi, egg maggi, veg maggi, cheese egg maggi, cheese veg maggi, cheese chicken maggi.. you get the drift?
7. Indianized Chinese of all kinds
Disclaimer: The list above is in no particular order, and is by no means exhaustive.

7 things I like to wear:
1. Jeans. I prefer faded, extremely old and washed atleast a 1000 times.
2. Black. How can I not?
3. Flats. Ok, I am 5 feet nothing, but I still do love my kolhapuris, strappy flats and flip-flops.
4. Watches of all shapes and sizes.
5. Spectacles. I say so convicingly, because I h.a.t.e. contacts. Black half-frames for now.
6. Silver. Of the tinied kinds. I think I have one pair of earrings of the single studded kind, in every colour possible.
7. Kurtas. Fab India, Jai Ho!

7 of my most prized possessions:
1. The people in my life – mom, dad, bro and now the fiance. I always say it’s not easy being me and it’s even harder knowing me. I’m no diva, but I sure am a trouble child – I lose temper, I yell, I throw tantrums and the worst of all is that I remember and relive all arguments. Yet, there are some people in my life who love me and I am in awe of their patience. If I was them, I’d hate me. Enough said.
2. Greeting cards, wrapping papers, trinkets, bills, notes and other such random stuff – a bag full of these. It could be nosta
lgia, or it could be my hoarding tendencies, but I can’t let go.
3. The oldest phone I ever had. The blue Nokia 3310. It is broken, chipped in all places and so not cool anymore – but it was the first phone I ever had.
4. All my books. All different kinds. But hopefully, the collection will be much larger and better cared for as the years go by.
5. Various certificates for extra currics in school and college.
6. Clothes and other mindless stuff I buy and never use.
7. My old diaries.

7 people I’d like to tag: I’m skipping this. Go ahead, and do this. Leave a link in the comments though 🙂


8 thoughts on “The 50th

  1. My 100th one is coming up, cant believe have had this blog thing for more than 3 years. I can see that you like reading blogs, your blog list is impressive 🙂

  2. @swat: Thanks! Please DO get started on Food.. would love to read a post from you :)@Shreya: Yup, I really like it. And this is not a complete list. Btw, congrats on the 100!@rajkumar: Thanks. Please go ahead.@duke: Ahem, not so much. And who's this?

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