So, we’ve been having a week of good fun, interspersed with work that is not-so-good, or so-not-good or good?-not-so. But in the vein of letting my mind fill with positive thoughts, it makes so much sense to not write about work. One, it doesn’t help – it’s just such a shame that verbal venom doesn’t kill (ref: last post). Two, it is a reminder of all things better forgotten, more so for narcissistic people like me who often go swimming into their archives. Three, it won’t be a great idea to get dooced anyway (it would be a unique reason though, and thus of geat resume value, as our Hallowed Alma Mater taught us.) Well, here’s my last week, totally served sunny-side-up:

I’m currently reading Advaita Kala’s ‘Almost Single’. The characters somewhat take me back to the 20+ somethings we used to be in college, not so much to 25-ish working women. What I do like about it, though, is the dialogue and what I can call Kala’s worldly wisdom that is carefully spread across the pages. Plus, the writing is youthspeak without being SMS-ese, and so far, I find it quite witty. Sample this:

I dine at luxury hotels and stay in five-stars during my travels; I can name old and new world wines with great élan, and can tell my cheeses apart. I tolerate my job, hate my boss, and bond big-time with my friends, while routinely suffering from umbilical cord whiplash. I don’t really care for my vital stats at the moment, and I don’t have a cute/funny nickname either. Hence this introduction: it stinks, but it sticks.


The other book that I’ve been plodding through is Vikram Seth’s ‘A Suitable Boy’. I’d go so far as to say that this is the best I’ve read. Not very often does a book become a part of one’s psyche. I haven’t had the chance to read the last few days, and honestly, I keep feeling like I need to get in touch with the characters again. It takes so much work to bring alive the 40’s in a book written much later, and this book does it so effortlessly, you suddenly won’t regret not having visited the Kolkata of those times anymore.

In other news, we saw My Name is Khan, Karthik Calling Karthik and Atithi Kab Jaoge last 2 weekends, and I must say I liked all of them. I’m totally in love with MNIK music, and with this movie, SRK has finally redeemed himself. No, that’s not saying that the infamous ham is gone, but once you look beyond it, his portrayal of Rizwan Khan grows on you.

KCK was a movie I had to like because I’m so Akhtar-smitten, but the background score is quite something and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Also, when it comes to this psycho-thriller kind of genre, I don’t mind it being predictable rather than having an inane and unfathomable twist at the end, which somehow makes me feel more “betrayed”.

AKJ, quite surprisingly for its genre, is not as slapstick as you expect it to be, and Paresh Rawal is genuinely funny.

Beyond movies and music, I have taken to blogging once again. I know, I say it so many times but then I have these long absences through which life goes uncaptured. And then, you know, when I return to my September / October archives from last year and see nothing there, I feel pretty sad that all of it escaped my blog, and eventually, my memory.

Btw, I also managed to catch a fair bit of Rahul Mahajan’s shaadi on TV yesterday. And what a ignominy of the highest order it was to Indian audiences. Yes, yes, I know we would have contributed to the TVRs, but trust me, I was changing the channels each time the ads came on so I didn’t see ANY of your products, all ye fools advertising on this crapfest. And well, to really get technical, this being the last episode, they cannot sell the TVRs to advertisers basis the ratings now. Maybe the channel can for the rest of its content – well, that I don’t mind, considering NDTV Imagine must be really desperate to host something like this. Yes, I hate being a participant to the “success” of these shows with a vengeance, hence this justification.

Now, these three (very pretty, all of them) ladies who wanted to be Rahul Mahajan’s wife must have very pertinent reasons for choosing death by living with a moron, but pray, just how important is publicity / money / career? How big an idiot can you choose to look like? How do you go back and face the world, EVEN if you win and do marry him – “Oh this is my wife, she was the best piece of ass NDTV Imagine could get me.. so here we are, blissfully married.” Pathetic!

And today is Women’s Day – a chance for news channels to show “XYZ still happens in rural Bihar, even as we celebrate Women’s Day”. Does that mean people should respect Women’s Day and hence no infanticides should be happening on 8th of March? 9th of March is ofcourse another matter. Who are we: aliens dropped from another world that we need a day to ourselves? All I want to say is that it’s awesome having a day celebrating women, but it would be awesome-r if we stopped acting like this is the only day we should get reprieve from injustice meted out on other days. Happy Women’s Day, ladies.

And oh, the Indusladies contest results came out, and I didn’t make it to the top 10. But who cares, I participated and it was so much fun. Kudos to the team that must have scanned through hundreds of entries. And to this entry that won.


11 thoughts on “Hodgepodge

  1. I am reading ‘Almost Single’ too. Although KCK was very predictable (OK, my friend told me the story beforehand!) I quite liked the movie. Decent performance, nice BG, great phone model, nice cinematography, who am I kidding? For Farhan Akhtar.

  2. I’d read this post before but was too busy to comment! Anyway- I really and truly love A Suitable Boy! What a wonderful book it is.
    I liked KCK, haven’t seen the others.
    And finally, just to show off, my daughter has translated Almost Single into Hindi!

    • Am I in awe of your daughter or what? Well, a flair for writing runs in the family 🙂 Love your blog and SRE’s poems (I am quite a stalker)

      I am STILL reading ‘A Suitable Boy’ and loving every bit of it. Glad to know you feel the same way. Seth’s releasing ‘A Suitable Girl’ in 2013 – just can’t wait for that!

      Do watch MNIK, when you get the chance.

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  4. This is why I think hitting children is wrong. When we hit, he are basically scaring them into submission. Power is might. Compare that to hitting your wife cause she wont do as the master, lord husband says. Children need to be corrected and i have a 3 year old, live in the US and work full time. So there should be no excuses for not correcting your child.
    Having said that, sure I grew up in a generation where it was ok to hit children , fortunately my father did not believe in it and he has my respect and admiration for it. But it was also ok to dump a widow into a pyre in the last century or lynch a black man just 40 some years ago. So without much rambling, when I see children misbehave, its the parents I really want to smack.

    • Hi Mojo!

      This is not the post where I wrote on that but anyhow, I do not think that hitting is always to do with submission. I’m just taking in account an overworked parent’s requests/ polite warnings not working with a hyperactive child.. very different from a wife-husband relationship, where I’m hoping both are similar ages and one’s not misbehaving in public / throwing a tantrum.

      Secondly, it’s not about what’s ok and what’s not as a norm.. more about why and how it’s done. And yes, it depends a lot on who we are and where we’re coming from. I’d never hit a child just because she’s being cranky or demanding with me. But as soon as she starts kicking someone’s seat, I WILL feel embarrassed and I will try everything to stop her asap. You may have a different way, and that’s welcome.

      Lynching a black man or dumping a woman into a pyre were never “ok” so to say.. the law always advocated against them.

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