Seven's too few

.. things to write about oneself, for someone as self-obsessed introspective as me.

The long and short of this post is that GM tagged me, and I can’t help feeling like an idiot whining about it in my last post. Here’s what the tag is all about:

Reveal 7 random things about yourself.

Here are the rules of the tag.

1)      You have to tag 7 people.

2)      You have to link their pages in your tag post

3)      You have to leave a comment in their comments section telling them they’ve been tagged.

4)      You have to say who tagged you.

So here goes:

  1. I bite my nails. Whatever dead tissue was supposed to make my stumpy fingers long and feminine has been consumed. So much so that my wedding photographs show these five red dots on each hand right where the nails and the mandatory red nail paint are supposed to be. Someone saw the photographs and commented “OMG, what happened?  Is it some custom that you have to.. like.. get your nails ripped off?” Ok, she wasn’t that impolite. She just said “That’s weird.” Because *be very scared* I have no nails no more.
  2. I love shelling peas. I mean, if there was such a designation as a Sheller of the Pea Pods, I’d be rocking those appraisals. I’d be clocking 80 hours a week, and they’d pay me huge bonuses and I’d build more Shelled Pea mountains. I have loved shelling peas since childhood. My mother introduced me to it when I was merely 2.5 years, when there were no play-dates and she just needed me off her back. I have photographic evidence. (She says it was to teach us to help around with housework at an early age. Who’s having the last laugh now?)
  3. I am claustrophobic. I hate entering elevators, stadia, temples on festival days, crowded buses and trains. In those few moments when I struggle to get to a place with more air, everything closes in at the most scary and alarming pace. I would rather stay alone at home all day, than tag along with friends/family and experience that EVER. It makes me really sad that a lot of people perceive this fear like some sort of snobbery.
  4.  I dislike reality shows with terribly over-precocious sounding children being made to perform. You know the ones where they sing songs with words that should ideally mean nothing to their 5-year old selves or the ones where they crack the really tasteless double entendre jokes. I could never reconcile with the apparently popular Boogie Woogie – the lesser said the better. These shows are all extremely annoying, and I am totally not ashamed of playing the moral police on this one.
  5. I simply do not understand the concept of excesses in written language. For example, on being asked what your favourite color is by some random questionnaire on some godforsaken social networking site, why would you reply “GREEEEEEEEEEEN”. If I asked you the same question in person, would you stand up, take a deep breath and yell “GREEEEEEEEEEEEEN”? Probably not. So have mercy on that keyboard.  Also, while I’m at it, let me enlighten you that one question mark is questioning enough, and one exclamation mark is exclamation enough!
  6. I am obsessed with movies/ books about the 1940s, based in India or abroad. I am sure one of those regression things will reveal that I have some connection with that decade from my past life. Everything about the events and the history is simple and elegant yet dramatic and intriguing. How can you not love?
  7. When I’m reading something on the laptop, I keep selecting the text as I read. I like to believe it makes me concentrate. It’s damn annoying to others, I’ve been told.

The 7 people I’d love to read 7 interesting but random facts about are:

Nuttie: She’s the newest on my blog subscription list, and I know very little about her.

Shreya: She never lets us in on anything other than her taskmaster ASM avatar. This might be an opportunity?

Banjo: How come guys never do this kind of interesting (read: girly) stuff on their blogs?

Megha: Maybe this will get her back to blogging.

Swat: I think she does fun tags.

Titaxy: My way of saying Hi!

Anyone who’s “on the beach” and totally bored out of their skulls.


15 thoughts on “Seven's too few

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  2. Hmmm.. you bite your nails. I would never pegged you as nail bitter.:)

    Shelling peas is soothing nah? I dont think I could rock 80s or 20 mins or so of doing it, brings me to a calm zen like zone.

    As I was reading, I kept recalling and thinking oh my god, she must hate reading my twenty thousand exclamination marks. rofl!

    • No, not at all. Some reactions demand it, and even I do it yaar. Can’t really help being drama queens, can we? 😀

      But sometimes, it’s really funny, like some people always say hiiiiiiiiiiiii on chat windows.

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