You'll just need to figure out the point yourself

The weekend’s done, and the Monday’s gone too. I have a good feeling about this week. Typically, given my work week and how it leaves me pulling my hair out on Friday evenings, that is a really bold statement to make on a Tuesday morning. Out here, we’ve learnt that sometimes Tuesdays can make up for the lack of crap on Monday in a way that Wednesdays start feeling insecure pretty early and get bitchy before they land. Thursdays don’t miss out on all the fun either, and Fridays don’t quite live up to the expectations we harbor from them. But still, a girl’s gotta take risks sometimes right?

Lots of stuff has been happening this side of your Reader/ Blogger / WordPress window. Not all good, certainly not all bad.

We saw LSD and Rocket Singh – Salesman of the Year last weekend. And I quite liked both. Even though I do not understand the significance of Ranbir Kapoor being a Sikh in the movie at all. It could be just like that, but really, why bother with all the makeup. Maybe, it would have contributed to the curiosity around the time of release but that’s about it. Anyway, the movie is quite well-made with all the actors fitting into their characters effortlessly. I always love movies with a cast of new actors for this reason – they haven’t been stereotyped yet, and the audience doesn’t have a reference point. What I did not like about the movie though is the capacity of the protagonist to keep taking shit. You can always argue that he is shown as a mere grad student in the big corporate jungle, but still, it just got unbearable at a certain point. Why is it suddenly acceptable for movie-makers to portray the newbies and the junior junta as very eager to work but not ask for anything in return, infact being quite welcoming with all the crap being flung about? I think we should nip this evil in the bud before the corporates learn a trick or two from these movies – like they should rate these movies as ‘UM’ i.e. for only sub-managerial position audience 😀

As for LSD, I’d say I was not supposed to like the movie and I went with that expectation. But the movie does make you sit up and notice. It’s an ugly truth, but you can’t help agreeing it’s the truth. The performances (almost all) and the cinematography are extremely real and they come together to tell the story exactly how it’s intended – like you just happened to be there, and seeing what is being shown. Also, Delhi viewers are likely to understand it much more, because the mannerisms and the language of the youth in the movie are all too familiar for us. However, the movie is disturbing in its own way, and doesn’t make for pleasant after-thought. Also: it’s not a movie to be seen with family / someone you’re on the first date with. 😉

In other news, I just noticed that I’ve posted 10 posts this year. Yayyyy!! I know, you’re looking around quizzically, but for me it’s a giant leap. If you haven’t noticed, I wrote all of 7 posts last year. Which means an average of just about 0.5 posts per month! Upped to an average of 4 posts per month this year. In consulting speak, that’s rationalizing your efficiencies and increasing productivity by 8x. It does sound like serious business now, doesn’t it? Keeping fingers crossed – oh wait, how will I blog with crossed fingers? On a serious note though, there’s so much more about which I do wish to write but the blog being public always comes in the way. I have been seriously contemplating an anon blog for a while, but then, I do not want to break away from this dark and comic blog of mine either. And God knows, I can’t write two blogs. I’m much too lazy for that. Oh while we are on the subject of blogs, can someone please give me some tips for dodging these Viagra and Dating adverts? At the moment, I don’t have a pressing need for either.

In yet another snippet of news, I’ve been slogging it in the gym pretty religiously of late (do note that ‘religiously’ is used subjectively and loosely). So far, I’ve been quite happy with going to the gym, panting like a dog, coming back chuffed at my “discipline”, downing a bar of Bourneville, and crying about never losing any weight. Did I mention the role of my trainer here? He has two roles: that of barking orders at me before I pant like a dog and that of taking away my hard-earned cash, somewhere after I down that bar and before I cry about my lack of weight loss. Seriously though, the guy cannot seem to understand WHY this particular client of his does not budge from her current weight, because from the information he has access to, I eat only greens and proteins (he should get one of those LSD cameras fitted in our fridge.. haha). So he did what all smart instructors will do – he has put me on a power workout or something horrendous sounding like that. It began last Friday. Let’s just say I have been missing my legs since. Oh, but NOT my calves, they are right there agonizing over this whole situation, and they let me know that every few minutes. I swore that I’d eat healthy from now on, AND then I went shopping for that kind of stuff. And I came back with awesome herbed cheese cubes and even bigger Bournevilles. It is a vicious cycle. It is.

Aur kya? Haan, almost everyone I’ve met in the last 3 months has asked me that question that I’m supposed to answer very coyly and demurely: How does it feel to be married? I look very blank, as if I’m trying to recall that it has happened. Sometimes I say “Oh, it’s just the same”. But I’ve noticed how it always disappoints the questioner. So now I charge into the situation with “interesting” details like how the family is different, how it’s fun, where we went for the honeymoon, and what I’m learning to cook. That seems to make the cut. Deep down, however, I feel depressed by the whole pressure to “feel” married. Like I am doing something wrong if nothing has changed.

Oh, btw, I finished reading Advaita Kala’s Almost Single. It made for a very good read, and for those into light reading with no real life-changing plots, I highly recommend it. I also picked up Greatbong’s May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss – which is howlarious! I’ll do a detailed review when I’m done though.


21 thoughts on “You'll just need to figure out the point yourself

  1. I am yet to watch both the movies. And oh, crying about the elusive weight loss is my favourite hobby. So much so that my parents & friends have turned deaf ears to my depressed-phone-calls. Silk is also amazing, you know 😀

  2. Hello! First time here! 🙂 Currently, I am halfway trhough your archives, which I hope to finish soon, becos if you continue blogging at your current 2010 rate, I would have trouble in keeping up! 😀

  3. *whispers* Err…I hate to admit that I had to Google what LSD was! *sees this way and that to make sure no one else heard*

    I’m so glad to see you updating your space more often 🙂 Hope to see more 🙂

    Blogrolling you btw 🙂

    • My fault for putting you through that google search.. I’m sure it wasn’t pleasant 😀 Should have written “Love, Sex and Dhokha – the movie”. Thanks for blogrolling, and yes, I need to keep updating.

  4. Had a nice time reading your posts. I concur with you on personal space coming in the way of writing freely, especially when we are passionate about writing – on things which we believe in or which affect us – for the fear of it going public. But then we can’t keep everything to ourselves. We need to share our life with our dear and not-so-dear ones. Being subtle in writing might help but a line must be drawn somewhere. Oh God! I am actually lecturing here. Sorry for this.(Forgive me.)

    And yes I have heard about May I Hebb Your…
    Waiting for your review of it before buying it 🙂
    Btw blogrolling you. I hope you won’t mind.

    • Yeah, maybe I draw a line pretty soon and that’s what is bothering me. Lemme see if I can push it a bit more. And oh, my review might take time. I’d suggest you still go ahead and buy it.. it’s turning out absolutely side-splittingly hilarious thus far. And thanks for blogrolling! 🙂

  5. ok sorry for being so ignorant, but what’s LSD? 😦 going to google now…

    oh and I hope you continue with the regular blogging saga, it’s nice to see frequent updates here in this page 😀

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