Arriving Nowhere

Saw ‘Up in the Air’ yesterday, and I’ve got to say, it’s awesome.

Somewhere ranging between Ryan Bingham and Natalie Keener, you’ll find yourself – if you’ve ever had existential angst, that is. Or if, like me, you’ve never NOT had it.

We all know the key words: work, life, balance, work-life balance. But you never really know it’s serious till you realize you’ve been short-selling yourself. That you’ve bargained to be uni-dimensional, the one dimension being something very material. You’re reduced to “an escape, a parenthesis”.

There are very many other angles to the movie. Is there a generation gap in the big, bad corporate world? Is technology our answer to everything? Can work be ‘just work’?

For the love of Clooney, watch it. (More trivia: the director Jason Reitman also made the movie Juno.)

And oh, those dismissing it for being too extreme a portrayal should check this out – a guy who gets his assistants to FedEx clean clothes to him, while he travels around the world 365 days a year!


6 thoughts on “Arriving Nowhere

  1. Oh god – Clooney! Now I cannot concentrate for the rest of the day *eyes turn into little red hearts at the thought of Clooney*

    I was watching the Oprah show that had John as the guest and I believe, some of the actors in it who are shown to be fired, were in reality fired from their jobs too. So it wasnt very tough for them to act it out, they said 🙂

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