My 'To Remember' List

This is being recorded to serve as a much-needed one-stop reminder of:

  1. Typing “Give me a second” or “Give me a minute/min” instead of “Give me a sec” next time because, you know, a small typo can make it “Give me a sex“. And THAT, besides being grammatically incorrect, leaves you wishing you were never born. Especially when it’s followed up with a curt “Brb”. It’s not a happy event, no sir.
  2. Calling little brother and doing a “Bwaahahaahahaha” act on him, since he has chosen to re-throw himself into the corporate stream. Which will not leave him any time to while away or to slow cook sausages for lunch. Insert the old one about misery and company.
  3. Watching with excitement the semi-finals and the final of the IPL, so as to not disappoint the husband. This won’t be entirely fake because, after all, you ARE happy that three matches x 4.5 hours each = 13.5 hours and this madness shall be over.
  4. Making it to the gym at least twice during the rest of the week. The instructor’s off on his wedding leave, you’ve had yours. Also, remember to get his wedding gift soon, before he makes a re-entry and inflicts upon you 100 more squats for being so inconsiderate.
  5. Withdrawing cash at the sight of the first ATM, because bhelpuri wallahs won’t appreciate your cashless living.

To be continued (because I’m sure I’m forgetting something)


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