Reporting Live

from my holiday in Mauritius.

I miss internet so much on holidays like these I can almost sniff a half-decent connection from miles away (I should get those nicotine patch type thingies to reduce my modem cravings).

Bullet point update:

 – I sat in this Business Centre type place (nothing business-like about it, it’s bleddy Mauritius!) and read all 74 posts on my Reader. Ah, blogland..  cannot live away from you, la. Moral of the Story: All ye, don’t forget me.

 – This hotel is like a kingdom of doing nothing. And everyone who knows me must know how much doing nothing is the way I like my days to be. My penchant for laziness  is only matched by my penchant for looking for ways to wriggle out of ways of spending time doing something. Profound a.k.a. read that again.

 – @Newmumontheblock: I cannot thank you enough for my first ever blogger award. Trust me, all of Mauritius and half of Bombay knows by now. One whole post shall be coming upon the awardee’s return (yeah, that’s just one of the 10001 sentences with the word ‘awardee’ I thought up 😀 )

 – I didn’t get my work laptop along, after all. Best. Decision. Ever.

 – Tip: Get classy BEFORE you travel business class. Or risk losing your phone to the spacious bucket seats. And then spend a most embarrassing one hour with tongs, scissors, rolled-up paper, knives to slide it out – with French stiff-upper-lip-ish crew hovering about. Longest and most embarrassing story. Might feature on this blog. Watch this space.

– I’m going scuba diving tomorrow morning. Yayyyyy!!!

 Wrappin’ up for now. The awardee will be back. There’ll be pictures. Of the awardee.



24 thoughts on “Reporting Live

  1. Have fun 🙂

    And don’t forget to take sunset pics at the beach.. they come really well .. and also, don’ you just love the clouds there, I had the most wonderful time just gazing at the pretty clouds in Mauritius:)

  2. I want a do-nothing holiday so bad, it hurts. But at current stage of life, even Mauritius would be hard work with two kids in two. Have a little extra fun lazing around on my behalf.

  3. Lol. Have fun lazing, woman!
    Soooo know what you’re talking about -modem cravings!!

    Pliss to be putting up post on the first-class-faux-pas story!

  4. Dammit why didn’t I think of ‘awardee’ earlier? You’re welcome 🙂 Now stop blogging and go enjoy your vacay, its Mauritius for crissake! Excuse the hysteria pliss its just that I haven’t been on a vacay in ages. *Goes away to wallow in self pity*

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