What you looking around for? Ketchup = my new-fangled witty take on “Catch Up”. Zimble! (Simple!)

That witty and brainy peice of #### apart, here’s waving you salaams from my old rattled desk, peeps!

I’m back. This isn’t a post where you’ll find the pics. Before you yell out your war cry, the pictures are a’-coming. I need some time for that. This post, then, is just a compilation of general patent roobish like the ones you find scattered throughout the archives. Here goes:

Mauritius is a byoootyfulll country (indulge me if you’ve heard that before, pliss). Enough for me to misspell and contort the word ‘beautiful’ for exaggeration, EVEN in the wake of the Red Marker Blogathon. That’s saying a lot! Now where was I? Oh yes! All you see in Mauritius, for long stretches, is sugarcane fields, floating white clouds, thatched rooftops or tall mountains. Mauritians look Indian, and they speak Bhojpuri and French! How cool is that? If you’re visiting from Bombay, your paisa would have been vasooled at this point! No? Then you could head out to one of the beaches. Or stuff your face with fresh fish and seafood. Or go parasailing. Or just vegetate in one of the pool chairs reading a book. I, ladies and gentlemen, did all of the above.

 Am I the only one who feels that our jobs are in our lives so that we can appreciate holidays more? For if I was loafing around in my shorts all day, I don’t think I would gulp down the Mauritian air like oxygen was going out of fashion. Yet, make no mistakes, I mentally drafted colorful and elaborate resignation notes on the flight back.

 In other words, funnn was hadddd!

Just before I left, I saw that Newmumontheblock had presented me with a blog award. I had simply no time to write a post to thank her for that. Plus, one can’t really write a post jumping up and down. Sooo, here it is, now that the awardee’s jumping has subsided (a bit):

Thank you, New Mum! 🙂

But all that aside, I’m back to where I started. My rattled old desk, which is ack-shoo-ally a hotdesk. I’m back to being a consultant, back to giving advice on things I have no business to be advising on because well, I have no business. How elated I am about coming to work may be summed up more eloquently if I just tell you that when I entered the office in my tanned avatar on Friday, the first person I saw was this lady who I notice has acquired a new neck support sort of thing (very very common in our office, everyone’s wearing either this or some sort of a back support thingie) who asked me “Arrey, what happened to you.. so blackkkkk!” How I love being backkkk, or not!

Book read in the meanwhile: Eat Pray Love. I can say that it’s the most readable book ever written about a spiritual journey, for people like you and me. Because if you’re anything like me, the over-the-top technical books on meditation and spirituality keel you and bring out the “sinner” in you 😀 Looking forward to the movie now.

Movies watched: Rajneeti and Robin Hood. Watch for Ranbir Kapoor and Russell Crowe.

What’s up with you? Is it raining where you are? Here, it is! And I simply cannot concentrate on anything right now. The rains! They make Bombay tolerable.. just imagine!


24 thoughts on “Ketchup

    • Awww, I wish you a holiday soon 🙂 God knows, it’s the new opium of the working masses.

      rofl @ the slap! All I thought at the time was how some people are so not going to fit into an apartheid-sensitive society 😀

  1. You know what had me wanting to move to Mauritius apart from all these awesome beaches and stuff – all their offices close at 4 p.m. Yes, you heard it right 4 frikking p.m!!!!

    Who would wanna come back to India after that 😀

  2. So you’re done reading Eat Pray Love. Maybe after a couple of months (once the warm feelings wear off) you could move on to Drink Play F@#k. The Parody. I assure you it’s awesome fun. The Drink part, at least. I’m somewhere in the middle of Play.

    But wow. You seem to have had an kickass holiday (apparently blaaacccckkk is a good sign)! I’m jealous :))

  3. The girlfriend and I were out to watch Sex and the City 2 yesterday and before the movie started, they showed the promo of Eat Pray Love.

    I cannot wait to watch the movie.
    I guess Julia Roberts is just right for the role!
    Read the book in 2008 and absolutely loved it! I’m glad they made a movie out of it :)Now we just have to wait to see if it lives up to the book 🙂

  4. Dashing new discovery. My office computer does not allow me to even read comments on blogspot – is it going to let me leave a comment on wordpress??

    • Success!!! wowieee

      can you please put mauritius pics and oh while you are at it, can you put shaadi pics and aus-nz pics? lazy bum.

      • Oye meja! Aus-NZ pics ARE on FB.. and by now, it even has some REAL shady comments from Ponds as well, for value-added viewing pleasure 😀

        Shaadi pics will be uploaded, once I’ve made my peace with them. Mauritius pics I’m working on NOW. The stress I tell you!

        Btw, I miss you, MR, jooz, chumms and surprisingly even ponds. When’re you in India?

        • what i need to do is login to facebook from home sometime and look at your pics. shaadi pics, i will come and see anyway. but no india plans abhi. moving to london end july and then papa and co. will visit, rather than me basically turning up in the delhi summer and then spending all my time muttering about how its too hot to go out.

          so why dont you do london next, instead? if we can make this happen .. make jooz and panda come, it will be awesomely legendary.

          • London move finally happening!? Good stuff.. now MR can quake in his boots.. the King is arriving.

            Btw, We’re planning London for Durga Puja chhutti (this time for real).. no confirmations yet.. basically hard to confirm when you’re slisha broke. but it’s on the cards.

            • ok perfect. why dont you figure it out and confirm and then we can work on the group plan. i will take it upon myself to pressure ponds and jooz until they give. im thinking then you guys come to london and we can do a mini trip to amsterdam or someplace crazy like that. good na!

  5. I quite liked Eat, Pray, Love too, most readable book I read about a spiritual journey too 🙂 My only problem was that the first part, where she goes to Italy and describes all that wonderful food used to make me REALLY hungry. I was exclusively nursing around that time too and evenings would see me foraging around the kitchen like a hungry tigress 😦

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