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Finally, the pictures are here. There aren’t any of mine, because really, you guys will have to teach me how to do blurring elegantly. I give up. The last thing I did to make my face unrecognizable was putting that spray paint sort of thing in MS Paint. Let’s just say, it looked so ugly that it almost convinced me for a moment that non-anonymity can’t be THAT bad a thing.. ofcourse, then the lure of getting away with spewing more internet trash without getting thrashed in public is what won, and so we remain anonymous. Or give ourselves the reassurance we are.

Nonetheless, pictures!

This was what I saw of Mauritius from up there. It made me forget about landing panic. THAT is anyday a big deal. Did I mention I hate flying?

The hotel lobby which tempts you to walk straight and jump into the ocean. I love the symmetry of this picture.

This was the walk to the cottage. And ours happened to be right opposite the spa. Do you see my irritating penchant for symmetrical photos yet? No? Keep at it and you will!

That, ladies and gentlemen is me in the mirror! This was the first day of holiday, and I thought I’d take some for-the-blog pics. Yep, that lasted one day. And btw, *cough cough* symmetry!

A beach with nobody in sight for miles. The insignificance of one person as waves thrash against the shore is stark. One of the most beautiful places I’ve been to. 

The funny part is that when you click pictures such as these, the average Mauritian looks on and tries to figure what you see in it. It’s a bleddy road, with you know, some flowerbeds by the side and a mountain in the background. Crazy tourists!

One of the many sunsets we drove into.

Where I vegetated and read. It was also a bit freaky to read about spirituality in this setting.. don’t know why.

That scene follows you everywhere. The pink wispy flowers are my favourite.

I parasailed for the first time. (I know I’m a loser, thanks for reinforcing!) This was fun. Although, something’s wrong with me and I can’t help thinking morbid thoughts when I do this kind of stuff. I wouldn’t say I’m scared, but I imagine bad outcomes in disturbing clarity.

This picture was taken from the pool. The pool that overlooks the beach. No wonder we came back so tanned!

Aren’t they such beautiful creatures? May I add that the caretakers were being rather cruel to them and I felt rather pissed.

And that, summarizes a very long story I mentioned in one of the previous posts. To say it again, my phone fell into one of the bucket seats and wedged itself in some real inconvenient position. What followed was a long struggle we (I, the husband, the crew) had with tongs, forks, newspapers, and what not! This picture was clicked once it FINALLY slid out. Can you see the sheer joy on their faces? And can you see how sheepish I look? Haha! You can’t.. I cut my face off 😀 Now teach me how to blur… please!

Ok the pictures are done. There are more, but this is real hard work. Newfound respect for people who upload photos pretty much everyday!

I have other important stuff: Today is Chuck’s (my husband) birthday. Please join me in wishing him a very very fabulous one?

May you always have the best of everything. May this birthday bring you everything you ever wished for. May joy and happiness be your lifelong companions, along with me ofcourse 🙂 May the madness never end!

I got him an X-box, and sort of committed marriage suicide. But, I just said he could have everything he wished for. So there!

Sweetheart, this one’s for you:


31 thoughts on “Pictures and More

  1. I am still waiting for the wedding pictures you know!

    And the beach looks fantastic. I think if I went there, I would NEVER want to come back

  2. It is such a lovely place 🙂

    The picture of the sea from the pool is so pretty :), and isn’t para-sailing so much fun 😀

    I keep having morbid thoughts about accidents when I ride my bike :(,so I can kind of imagine what you felt.

  3. beautiful photography. makes me want to take a holiday too.
    and you know, in that pic of yourself, i noticed the symmetry before i read about it 🙂
    happy birthday chuck, have a fab one!

  4. Although, something’s wrong with me and I can’t help thinking morbid thoughts when I do this kind of stuff. I wouldn’t say I’m scared, but I imagine bad outcomes in disturbing clarity.

    Hah. Me too. Which is why flying freaks me out – not that I admit it to the husband, because, you know… – but I imagine gruesome scenarios. Also I keep thinking that when I’m riding my two wheeler, I’ll fall on the side, onto my hip, with the bike on me, and hurt it/ break it or somehting. There! I’ve said it. You can’t possibly be worse 😛

    Happy birthday to Chuck! 😀

    • Always helps to know I’ll have company in whichever asylum I go to 🙂 But seriously, if this is a competition, I’m much more gory.. see my reply to comment #4 above. Ha!

      And yes, thanks for the wishes, chinkurli 🙂

  5. Dear Chuck,

    Happy Birthday. I don’t know you, but your wife does good with symmetry. =)

    Also, feel special. There are women who would be signing their death warrant giving their significant-other-types an X-box!

    I hope your cake is chocolate and there is some left in the fridge to eat tomorrow when you get back from work 🙂

  6. Oooo love the pics – specially the last one =) how did you manage to find a heart shaped lake just in time for chakro’s birthday?

  7. I realised I’ll never get over my jealousy so I might as well say HOW AWESOME THAT PLACE LOOKS!!

    Mauritius – sigh! *takes notepad and adds to list of places to see before dying*

    Amazing pics too, babe! We parasailed too in Florida and I held on to the harness so tight that G said if not anything, it might snap cos of my sweaty palms! The man doesnt know when NOT to say something! 😛 But the experience in itself was absolutely wonderful! 🙂

    • Yes, you should definitely go there. I kept thinking that it’ll be very touristy a place, but this was off-season apparently and it was perfect!

      And well, what G said would have made me faint up there 😉

  8. Awesome pics. U take good pics! And happy birthday to Chakro. A couple of years ago, we would have been hooshing him. On second thoughts, I am sure you do that job well 🙂

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