My weekend in Twitter-ese 🙂

Throwing wedding treat for the team, on Friday night #FinallySinkingIn

Lazing around reading C&H, and guffawing at Calvin’s tactics #PureBliss

Cleaning, washing, drying, dying #TheDutiesOfTheDomesticated

Drooling over Bradley Cooper in The A Team #MoveOverGerardButler

Fattening self with buttery gravies for dinner #SelfDestructionStreak

Waking up at 8 am to go to the gym on Sunday #ChineseTorture

Doing 3.5 km in 29:10 on the treadmill and making it alive #NewHigh

Cooking a slightly over-salted version of chilli chicken for lunch #TwiceTheSpice

Buying two new pair of shoes and mommy’s b’day gift #MeraWalaSunday

Tagging along with husband and friends for a game of tennis #ResolvingToLearn

Catching the Eng vs. Ger match in a bar with lots of animated people #I’dRatherGetDrunk

Insanely late show of Toy Story 3 #TotallyWorthIt

Topping it with Snickers brownies from Brownie Cottage #TheIcingOnTheCake

‘ow wuz yers?


16 thoughts on “Whaddup?

  1. 3.5 km in 29:10 – that too after waking up at 8 am, way to go 😀

    Brownie cottage is really good, though ridiculously expensive I think 😦

    • Well, the word/phrase following the ‘#’ becomes a link called a hash-tag that acts like a label for the tweet. All tweets on the Twitter network marked with the same hash-tag can be seen by clicking on any one of such links.. this is something like tags in wordpress.

      The syntax of a hashtag is such that there are no spaces allowed.

      For example:
      If A (someone on your network) was to tweet #IHateItWhen the trains get delayed because of this rain
      If B (someone not on your network) was to tweet #IHateItWhen I have to work late nights.
      and so on,
      you click on any one ‘#IHateItWhen’ and it takes you to a page where you’ll be able to see both A’s and B’s messages and any other across Twitter that have the same hashtag.

      I don’t know if I’m able to explain, but I sure got carried away 😀 Do try Twitter though, pretty simple and not really a commitment like, say, blogging 🙂

    • How I managed? If you had the monstrous trainer I have, you wouldn’t be asking me this! Who, in their right minds, would do this to themselves?

      But but but, whattay awezzumm feeling it leaves. I even thought I’d try a record-time 5k this week.. but then, my good sense is telling me that I shouldn’t take making-it-out-alive for granted 😀

  2. lol @ #FinallySinkingIn. It ought to be a trending topic if it isn’t already:)

    my #FinallySinkingIn moment: The husband has a fever, has me convinced that he’s going to die tomorrow, asks me ever so kindly for a bed time tale. Damn.

  3. Bradley Cooper..yum yum yum!!! Oh I always screw up chilli chicken too, I think I mess up the salt quantity, soy and vinegar are spicy enough and I really ought to skip salt or something! You went to gym on a Sunday?!!! Someone should give you an award!!!

    • Right? I know.. I *should* get an award, specially since it’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing to happen to me 😀

      You’re right about the soy making it over-salted.. I made a note to skip extra salt because of that too.

      Agree on Bradley Cooper! Though the movie was rather lame, I never complained 😉

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