Of blogging and stereotyping

Another blog argument. I regret everytime this happens. Why the hell can I not shut the fuck up? On days like these, I’m reminded of my friend R who I was so in awe of, and who back in 2005 had passed on the wisdom – “Oh nononono sweetheart, blogging ain’t for cool people. Don’t think that. Cool people don’t blog, they go take a nap if they are angry or lonely.” I now understand.

I’m so tempted to delete this blog, tempted to delete all my profiles and simply move on in life to somewhere where people will write to me just as they’ll speak to my face, and not where I’d be bombarded with links peddling crap to “prove a point”. Oh, I know what it’s called: Real World!

But I’m so not going to back down on this. Not at all. I’ve shared things on this blog, I may never have told anyone. I speak on this blog on things that matter to me. This is a part of my identity. And no grammatically-challenged incoherent link-peddler can take that away. Instead, I have made a decision to pare down my existence on the internet. I have deleted the blogroll, and I unfollowed a couple of people on twitter and blogger, for good reason. My time and peace of mind is too precious to be spent callously. I do know who my friends are, and who I like to read. I also know that there are exactly 3 people out of all the bloggers I’ve interacted with, who can take a disagreement like it should be done.

Oh, and on an unrelated note, I shall go shop now. In high heels. Without a list. And come back and whip me up some pasta. Maybe I’ll follow it up with a strawberry ice cream while watching my favourite soap. Because don’t you fucking know, I’m a stereotypical woman!

ETA on Friday: Folks, thankee much for your concerns et al. I feel compelled to say that now that I’ve had 8 hours of sleep two times over in the last 48 hours (LUXURIOUS, to say the least), I’m not livid anymore and can feel my funny bone growing back. I, therefore, also felt the need to clarify that the person(s) I speak of in this stupendously embarrassing post above and their comments and their links are NOWHERE to be found on this blog. So, stop snooping around.. you’re only getting me more readership than I deserve 😀


31 thoughts on “Of blogging and stereotyping

  1. I’ll say it again here.. please don’t stop blogging.. I really do heart your blog.. and am in awe of the way you can pen your thoughts.

    Also, I hope I haven’t contributed to this anger!

  2. Gussa.. Gussa! I spent the last 10 minutes hunting for the link peddler to see what exactly was wrong!! Because I agreed with what you said, so you were right, of course 😛

    Jokes apart, chill. I am not sure how long you have been blogging. I started in 2003 and survived the era of blog wars. There used to be no comment moderation then. I think 😛 So like Marshall Goldsmith says, relax, take a deep breath, and L-E-T I-T G-O. There are haters everywhere.. Why bother? Come ON!

    Ok, now that my little pep talk is over, where on earth can I catch up on all the action? Pliss to tell 😀

    • 😀 You’re one character, Tamanna! Making me laugh! 😀 anyway, this is many many hours later, and the gussa is now gone!

      I’ve been blogging 3 years now, and what can I say, I never seem to learn. I do remain calm and I don’t think I spew rubbish even during the blog-war so to say, but it leaves me seething when people overanalyze semantics and behave in a closed fashion. I mean, you start a debate, have the fucken heart to see it through. And be logical. If not, then don’t call it a discussion.

      What I do realize is that I have a long way to go, and I need to stop getting affected and losing my cool.

      Anyway, now that my little angst ridden rant is vented and over, I’ll send you the link over email. I have about -> <- this much energy left for another blog war here right now.

      But I maintain, you're a cartoon 😀

      • Hehehe! Cartoon eh? People keep saying that 😛

        Lemme go check my email now. And keep writing, talking, whatever. Blog world has no censorship so far, so I don’t think anything should stop us from rambling on exactly what we want. Take it or leave it. As for me, I will lap it all up I promise!

  3. Babe in the words of beatles – “let it be let it be” – i really dont get people who try so hard to proove a point, do u think their Job Objective on earth comes with a “Change thought leadership” agenda…and oh yeah i cant help it…just to irritate u here goes – “Nehuuuu !!!! (i remember ur dislike for the !!!! marks too)

    • Hahahaha! 😀 Dude, sometimes I feel *I* am the one around here with a change thought leadership agenda.. can’t help being frustrated with this propensity to get into arguments 😀 then I kick myself in the backside and remind myself to let it go! 🙂 But this is life, right? We live, we learn.

  4. Oh, there is the blog-police all the time lurking around the corner! They be damned! 😛

    That is the reason for all frustration in the world if you ask me – people cannot let other people be! They over-estimate themselves, believe only THEM to be right about everything and expect others also to follow suit!

    Nuttie and I had the same thoughts I see 😀

    Nehuuuu….Areh o Nehuuuuuuu 😀
    *ducks in case Nehuu flings a plate*

  5. wowowo that was one angry post.however,what i liked was the style of blasting,it made me picture a lady with a whip,like the film hunterwali!

    Dont stop blogging for some random idiot,do it for you and when you do it for only “you” the joy is so different and that keeps you content 🙂

    hope that pasta was awesome and yes that ice cream ( my little one inside is craving for some now)

  6. Hey hope you’re feeling better after the pasta and the ice cream (your post made me hungry and I got me a chocolate too). Please don’t stop blogging, you have a wonderful style of writing and a terrific blog, random idiotic blog wars be damned.

  7. Hey,i got a chance to read your blog after soo long and I see many dhamkis!its pretty fun reading your blog and as i was saying i think we are alike (except I dont write this well or think that much:) .Dont stop writing and yes as everyone above me asked where can i catch up on the action;-)

  8. good read, i am visting here for a sile noricing you good articles, just decided to leav a comment to show my appreciate.

  9. You are being very harsh here. The darling trolls exist for the following(admirable) reasons :

    1)They don’t have a blog(or a life) themselves. They have to live through the single post that you sometimes publish because they pissed you off.
    2)Their grammar and their logic suck. Big time. Can’t string two sentences to save their stench filled lives. Don’t you feel sorry already? Have a heart, please.
    3) They are very, very jealous of you. And your clear head that can take a different view point and put it across elegantly.
    4) Because it is easy to be a troll. Maintaining an interesting blog on the other hand, is too much work.

    The only similarity they share with the classic notion of a troll(in fairy tales etc) is that they stink big time.

    so you see, they don’t even have a beating club to defend themselves and here you are, being so hard on The Under-privileged And the Unwashed.

    shame on you, ADCCL! shame on you. Seriously.

    Troll baby, we support you.

  10. Hahaha :)…I went through exactly the same feeling of frustration and experienced similar emotions..
    Now I have just removed some people from my Blogroll and I have promised myself that I shall not loose sleep over them anymore.

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