A Sovereign Democratic Republic

It’s that time of the year again, when the scrambling for tax return filing, form 16, claims, and savings are on top of our minds and July 31 is the date everyone wants to get over with. And suddenly, as I picked today’s newspapers, I feel like being a tax defaulter. First, my views on tax: I think it’s ridiculously high an income tax rate in India. But I think we’re an unfortunate generation, it’s going to change. I pay the tax – I have no choice, and I have no good reason not to. Why then is defaulting so lucrative today?

Read this.

How friggin’ cool is that? I get to NOT pay tax, I need NOT even pretend to be another caste and go through the forging-documents phase AND I get benefits. #Unprecedented Win!

Just in case, we’re going to try and exchange notes on the what, why and why nots of reservations, I already have a stand and I don’t feel like reiterating it: here for you to read. Yeah, it still gets my blood boiling.

We all believe that economically-disadvantaged would be the right category to reserve for. And our government, smart as ever, did take our opinion but grossly selectively. They add an EBC to OBCs. Do note that nowhere does it mention “inability to pay tax”, so the policy can easily be mistook as for those “unwilling to pay tax”, but I’ll give them the benefit of doubt with this ambiguity.

So, yes, there’s now incentives for those really disadvantaged, but the free riders remain exactly that. The rough estimate of this new category is 6 crores, which by itself wouldn’t have been a big blow, but here’s the catch: the numbers add up to the already steep % of reservation. And get this:

Since preferential treatment in employment boils down to job reservations, it can be asssumed that the Commission’s recommendation implies that if the government is to accept reservation for EBCs, there will be need for a constitutional amendment to get past the 50% ceiling on total quota.

How is this democratic? Or promotion of merit? Or nurturing of talent? Fuck you, HRD Ministry and fuck you, IT Department.

Oh, and since I did pick up the newspaper: here’s another warped set of things I read, which makes you wonder if we indeed HAVE any laws/ balls:

Here: A school director rapes a school girl by (i) spiking her soft drink (ii) at gun point (iii) threatening to harm her siblings. She gets pregnant, and he makes her abort the child. Then he has the fucking gall to “complain” to HER parents that her character is questionable, since she’s seen with another schoolboy. And what do the authorities do? Threaten to take away the school’s CBSE affiliation.

Here: An international women’s hockey team feels pressurized to stay shut in the face of sexual harassment by the coach and the videographer.


Here: A court decides that consensual sex because of/after false promises of marriage does not amount to rape.

Call me selfish or loony, but the concern we show for the socially disadvantaged in the education sector clearly doesn’t exactly shine through elsewhere, where I’d think they need and demand it more.


2 thoughts on “A Sovereign Democratic Republic

  1. I was nodding through the post. Wonder how I never really looked at it this way. It is very weird how the “underprivileged” in our country get favoured only in the education sector, just where it begins to become a tad bit unfair.

    • Yep, sometimes I feel that this loosely-constructed argument of ‘upliftment of the masses’ is a worse thing to do to the under-privileged than a genuine admission that you are really incapable of making any good change, and starting from there. Right now, it feels like the govt. exploits their existence to suit some other purpose 😐

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