There’s something about the air of September that puts finality in the suspicion that the year is whizzing by too fast. I have only known seasons here in India where September marks the beginning of festivity. It brings back the anticipation for long weekends, for stocking up on new stuff to wear and for making enough space for mithai in your fridge and your tummy. Like a cherry on top, my birthday falls right in the middle of September, and that is never a bad thing 🙂

The first day of the month confirms its promise by bringing back sunshine into the city. Four days of glum and dull weather with a slow continuous drizzle later. Suddenly, I feel better.

This September, I’m looking forward to:

The unexpected chhutti for Janamashtami tomorrow

A long weekend next week

Spring cleaning (Yes, I have OCD.. why do you ask?)

Shopping for Pujo (my first as a part of a Bengali family, and I’m told it’s all about being decked up and hogging: bring it on, I say)


A tentative Goa trip (fingers crossed!)

Making some sort of headway on the work front

Oh, and a much-needed haircut (recommendations needed, Mumbai junta)

I may or may not attempt a NaBloPoMo this month; I’d rather not commit considering my extraordinary cheerful disposition today 😀


11 thoughts on “September-ed

  1. A hearty, happy post that one.

    I love September for various reasons too, what with my love anniversary and all that 🙂

    Good luck with all ur plans, the Pujo sounds fun 😀

  2. Yay! Let the festivities begin I say. And the birthday month… yahoo! I so so so miss the festive feel of India…. has its downside I know, but when i am so far away, I just miss the good bits.. SO SO BAD! Have fun girl, and enjoy some for me too!

  3. Pujo is being decked up in “new” clothes… 🙂 Without the “new” it almost does not feel like a “Bangali Pujo” – so it is as much about the decking up for 5 days as about the months of shopping to go before it, and counting the number of “notun jama” you get!! ~Sigh~ I can’t be back home for Pujo 😦

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