All Sorts of Milestones

Hello! (I can almost hear the echo of that, for there’s nobody here other than me). If someone checked (and massage my ego and say you did), I’m sorry for having disappeared on you without as much as a cryptic warning. I know the feelings of funny betrayal and missing someone and the twinge of why-world-why I feel when one of my favourite blogs goes underground one fine day. So if someone felt that way because of me, and I can almost see their angry faces squinting into their screens right now, please don’t be. Because I’m back. And for good.

So why I went under, first? Well, I became a minor celebrity and I realized not all fans deserve me 😀 No, that’s not it. I was stupid and naive and had always considered this blog as an open platform for interaction, but sometimes the clashing of the real and the virtual worlds comes in a way that does rattle you. Also, I learnt that I’m not that don’t-care-a-damn, in fact nobody I know is. While I did not get into any “trouble”, but it was unsettling to feel that my semi-anonymity clad personal thoughts/rants/goofs will be compared to who I am in other spheres. Am I openly airing that I have two personalities? Maybe, yes. There are so many people in our real worlds (acquaintances, colleagues, relatives) who don’t seem too keen on understanding or even listening to the intricacies of our personal lives, our stand on social issues or our inane fictional stories. In an ideal world, we’ll all have 10 people in our lives who would make up for this lack of understanding. But as far as the world is not ideal, schizophrenic personalities shall rule 🙂

Now, what took me so long to move to a new place and take you out of your misery? (I do take the liberty to assume I have a large-ish audience, don’t I?) Well, first was the decision to move at all. It was rather tempting to NOT have a blog at all. I felt that that very idea is liberating too. I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and subscribe to over 70 blogs on Reader, and I thought that if I still yearned for more virtual interaction, I first needed to get some help. Then the fact that I have had so many issues with blogging in the last few months also started to play on  my mind. Encouraging triviality, time consuming, mind games, not writing enough, writing enough and more in comments on other blogs – all things that have at some point coaxed me into shutting shop. I got over the interaction issue in a jiffy, because though Twitter is awesome fun, it’s not my medium. I feel under pressure on Twitter. Like I have a character limit in which to say what I want, and a time limit in which to say it before the world moves on to another hashtag. FB was never my medium in the first place, except that it’s the easiest to stay in touch with some people whom I don’t get to speak to on their birthdays any more or whose kids I won’t get to meet as often as I want to. Call me egotistical, but it also bothers me that my well-meant heated rant should be sandwiched between a ‘what colour is your heart’ and ‘X poked Y’ on someone’s wall. Linkedin, well, I don’t think that’s anybody’s medium at all 😀 So while blogging it had to be for me and all the other things that I had a grouse with about blogging, btw, stay. You know, once you’ve chosen a poison, you can’t expect it to be sweet and all that. Next, I realized that my burning desire to blogging notwithstanding, one needed a laptop to do something about it. Well, I had quit my job the same day I had taken the blog private and with it had gone my object of obsession – the laptop. The one spare abandoned laptop at home died a flickering death on me mercilessly. The laziness and the broke-ness ensured that a new purchase was deferred till some serious motivation was infused. But, the good husband came to the rescue and put in some jugaad and has managed to get me a spanking new (albeit, temporary) laptop to give my need for social networking a fresh lease. Actually, he got it for me to “move your ass and get that resume going” but I like to imagine things. Once that was done, my technologically challenged-ness took over. So there was the uh, how do I import these posts? Oh, what do I call the new blog – something not very different and yet just a little bit (hence, the unimaginative “Another Dark Comedy”)? Finally, I have learnt upon much googling that I cannot carry my old blog stats (and thus much ego) to the new blog, and in that sense, it’s got to be a fresh start. The rest of the stuff is sorted and here we are.

Next, what have I been upto? I quit my job. I know I said it already, but it’s worth saying twice when you’ve waited long enough to say it 😀 Oh, and through a series of unplanned events, it ended up being on a Monday! Is it a dream or what? Right now, I feel like the world is my oyster and there are so many possibilities in life. A month down, when the boredom starts to get to me and the lack of monies makes me pinch my pennies and the interviews or the lack of them are making me nervous, I’ll be right here ranting away I’m quite sure. Most importantly right now, I feel relieved like a bad dream is over. And that alone makes this move so worth it.

Secondly, we had our first wedding anniversary. A year of being together. One amazing, fun year of sharing life with someone I adore to bits. One year of growing up in many different ways. It sure feels like I’m into the journey in all ways now, and am up for everything to come. Here’s to us and our own little funny interesting lovely version of marriage 🙂 We celebrated with family in Kolkata, and had a really good time. And about the presents? Let’s just say that Steve Jobs got a bit richer, all thanks to us 😀 I had tall plans of squeezing in meets with a couple of blogger friends in Kolkata (specially Dipali), which never worked out 😐 It never works out with me. I have to make a very laidback plan to visit both Bangalore and Kolkata next time, so I can manage it.

Now that I’m at home, I have been obviously vegetating in front of the idiot box, refreshing my Twitter feeds obsessively and wasting time in new new ways. But if I’ve learnt anything from the past, it is that while I LOVE doing all this through the course of the day and never tire of it, depression sets in in the evenings when I realize what a waste of a day it’s been. And of course, the next day is just the same. So I did resolve to do at least one or two productive things every day since the very beginning this time. One good thing it has resulted into is a LOT of cooking. I love to cook, and I don’t know if I’ve said it before, I’m obsessed with food blogs, shows, recipes, pictures.. everything! Last few days gave me the time to shop for those rare ingredients, and to cook. And I’m happy to say that most of what I’ve cooked has turned out rather well. It’s not just me patting my own back; my (reluctantly) supportive family agrees as well 😀 The gymming has been rather regular too, but if the cooking and eating continues at this rate, I might consider an additional fun workout because well, the current workouts aren’t a suitable counter to how much I can hog!

Oh, and in the near future, since I did “move my butt”, I will be busy carpet-bombing the job market and day-dreaming about the vacation that starts next week. Yes, we’re off to Singapore for a Christmas vacation. I’m so excited. Loads of shopping is on the cards.. in fact, that’s my primary agenda on this vacation. Yayyy!!

And now, though I have a whole list of topics I have parked aside for “when I get the new blog going”, I will come back to say more. Specially on my 2011 resolutions. Yeah, I know resolutions are lame and not meant to be stuck to, but this time, I have an interesting list to put up and if I stick to half of it, a halo shall emerge on my head. So win-win.

Oh, and the reason for the title? Well, a milestone in married life. A milestone in career. And a milestone in blogging – this being the 100th post 🙂 100 posts in justshortof 4 years. I know, not a number to boast of. But something to be happy about, because I wrote exactly 50 posts in the last 3 years. And the last 50 in 10 months. Because I wanted to, and also because I made an effort to reach out to interesting people and they reciprocated. One the interaction began, 50 seemed like an easy target. Yes, I have my own concerns about this weird medium, but the little flutter in my heart on seeing a comment appear in my mailbox never seems to dull. A virtual audience caring enough to read through the monologues of a self-absorbed rambler AND leaving their thoughts in the comment box too? That NEVER happens in real life 🙂

Here’s to the 100th. May the next 100 take lesser than 4 years to come into being!


27 thoughts on “All Sorts of Milestones

  1. Hey congrats on the milestones, and I just celebrated my first wedding anniversary too 🙂 :). I had disappeared and came back today too. Too many freaky coincidences!

    PS. I am really glad you did not shut down 😀

    • First comment in! I’m so excited. (Even though I almost forced you guys to come read :D)

      Happy anniversary to you Piyu! I checked your post.. waiting for the Goa pictures 🙂

  2. and one more thing, just wanted to say it’s perfectly okay to feel spooked/I dont give a damn/where do all these ppl come from?(irked)/am-tired with the blog and the audience it brings. i used to blog at blogger and I’ve abused that poor blog so damn much(taking it down/marking it private/ deleting posts blah blah) until one day I shut it.

    I’m now so much more careful when I write in the wordpress blog. and for semi anonymous people like us, that’s important i think.. we leave a lot of little details abt. our lives and a little bit of caution is good. i also found that marking some posts as pwd. protected helped me.

    another thing that helped me: marking the blog “not searchable” on google/other search engines. You still get weirdos, but it cuts down on the number.

    • That’s a good tip. I’ll go check if I remembered to make it non-searchable for this blog. And I agree with password protecting. I used to find it lame earlier, but some incidents show you that it’s the way to go.

  3. My My My My !!! All this has happened during the little time you were away ?! Man, we’ve missed a lot but glad to have you back here !!!

    One year of being married, 100 posts, Singapore trip, job quitting, cooking, gymming…Oh my god, I need a breather now!!

    Sooo happy for you on alllllll of those 🙂

    I also agree with SmartAssBride’s tips – keeping the Google search off and password protection helps on those posts where you feel not everybody will understand 🙂

    Btw, SmartAssBride – where art thou?? Are you also blogging in a different place now ? 😦 Miss reading you !!!!

    • Yeahhh, a lot happened in the short time I was away. Or maybe I was writing after so many days that I didn’t leave anything out 🙂 And thank you!!

      Oh, and about smartassbride, didn’t you see? She also posted today and she is going to be back back back!!

  4. Thankee for inviting to this new place..yes I was one of those people who goes “whaa??” when of their regular blogs goes underground suddenly.

    And yes enjoy the break before jumping back into the rodent race again 🙂

    • I will. That’s the idea.. hopefully a break will make me more eager to get back to work. Right now, I am loving this utter joblessness though 😀

      And yeah, I thought I’d rather take a risk and spam everyone, than lose all the old blog pals and have them believe I didn’t care enough for a goodbye.

  5. Congrats on 100 posts! 😀 And thanks for the invitation. New year’s just around the corner so t’was a perfect time for the new blog. It should be in your new year resolutions and already checked. 😀

  6. 🙂 I think once a blogger always a blogger?

    Congrats on all the milestones. the new marriage, the leaving the job and the trip to my homeland.

    You have to eat(please tell me you are not vegetarian)
    1.curry puff
    2.Hokkien mee
    3.Chili crab
    4.Mee goreng
    5.nasi lemak(although nk hates this because its too dry and he needs a dhal)
    6. mee rebus
    7.Pulot hitam(dessert)
    8.Roti prata/murtabak

    I am starving now!

    • Thank you for the wishes and for the list 🙂 Chilli crabs and prawns are on my hit list already.. (yeah, no vegetarians here!) 😀

      And that’s so true.. once a blogger, always a blogger. Another addiction hard to cure.

  7. Here’s to the true blogger who made a comeback! And whatay comeback! 🙂
    Hope this year turns out to be REALLY good for you and brings with it lots of new posts, a good job, a whole lot of happy moments for both of you! 🙂
    Happy first anniversary!

  8. i read it the day you sent that email, but somehow never got around to commenting. Welcome back, and happy milestone-achieving 🙂

    And I remember you said this once long back.. We are wired pretty similarly. I was nodding through the post. I can’t comment on all of because honestly, we really are wired pretty similarly.

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