Before the page turns..

.. and it’s 2011 already, I wanted to keep up the promise of another one of my cryptic nostalgic posts. A promise I almost made in the last post, if anybody noticed. Well, since I have only a few moments to grab for this post before the clock strikes 12, I thought I’d cheat and quickly turned to last year’s year roundup post for inspiration. Turns out that was a rather well thought out post, and I have neither the time nor the memory to recall so much and put it in words right now. And that’s exactly what sums up this year.. a full-speed roller coaster leaving me no time to ponder.

Around this time last year, I had been married for less than a month and was learning more than I thought I’d care to. For some reason, there were just too many emotions and thoughts clashing with each other and I don’t think I registered the beginning of a new year. I can say that the rest of the year went by and it got better with each passing month. Also, like they say, the most surprising aspect of life is that it happens when you are busy making other plans. So yeah, in retrospect, I think I have grown the most in this one year in every sphere of life.

But what’s more important is the thought that I wanted to record here. It’s about how I began the decade and how I’m ending it. On Dec 31 2000, I was a 12th standard student who rebelled for useless causes all the time. I remember being persuaded by friends to talk to my parents about going out to party for new year’s eve. Oh, the feeling of stepping out and sipping a quarter of a beer mug in the name of feeling dangerous 😀 From there on, it’s been a journey of losing and making friends, going to college and feeling like my world had expanded, redefining my relationship with family, discovering and being awed by a virtual aspect of life, falling in love, feeling stuck in a job from hell, being married and embracing risk to quit the job from hell. Can I just say that I don’t think any other 10 years of my life will bring so much? Can I also say I hope life proves me wrong? 🙂

There are resolutions that I will talk about. But the biggest one at this moment is that I want to overcome my doubts and stop pushing uncomfortable discussions under the carpet. I have learnt that avoiding one such discussion is contributing to a bigger one in the making, and that this is what I tend to do pretty often.

For everything past and future, I will now shoot up a prayer, get ready to party and wish you all the best of everything in the coming year and the decade as well. I hope we all can make every day of the future feel as special for us and our friends and family as we do today.

Cheers! and a very happy 2011 🙂


3 thoughts on “Before the page turns..

  1. This one was so so so close to my heart, I can’t even begin to explain. Cheers to the last decade and cheers to the one that is here already. Much happiness to you, girl! 🙂

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