On New Age Fundamentalism

If you’ve noticed, it’s just so yesterday to be fundamentalistic about religion or marriage or whathaveyou anymore, right? Meanwhile, did you notice the new kind of fundamentalists sneak up on you?

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it on the blog many times before, and I’ll say it again, I detest being pressurized into fitting a typicality I don’t agree with, in the first place. If I do like the typicality or stereotype, trust me I’d need no coaxing. In fact, the more strict you make your rules, the more I’m unlikely to subscribe to your little cult. Why? Because if I’m a firm believer of anything, it is openness. I feel both threatened and annoyed in company of people with one-track, closed brains. For example, you and I may be straight, but I need to know that you’re not homophobic. Another example – It’s been a long-standing issue between me and organized religion. I cannot stand the idea of God being one for human beings to upsell and cross-sell. I can deal even lesser with the personal ownership most people seem to have over God. And isn’t it just cute how some of them think that their God owns you and can get very angry with you and make you burn in hell?

But while this kind of fanaticals you won’t encounter everyday, you will meet another kind that is rather pervasive. You know the kind who are capable of and do use logic to systematically articulate their opinions and tirelessly shove it down your throat, all the while claiming to be the flat opposite of who they are really being? The kind that will go so far as to say that they’re not fundamentalists but poor-oldworldcharmloving-idealists? The workaholic who is proud of a year full of 100-hr weeks and holds a grudge against you for your Friday evenings? The mommy who thinks only organically grown veggies must go into the baby’s tummy and will judge you for your choices? The vegetarian who thinks it’s his or her prerogative to make you feel guilty about your food? The distant relative who will claim how MBA is the way to go, because their kids went that way?

The world is full of people out to get validation of their own choices by trying to get another 100 to make the same choice. Little do they understand that the obsession with being proven right, annoying to their audience as it is quite often, also exposes how insecure and uncertain they are about their own choices. It’s surprising that someone believes they can take the choice out of the hands of the person who will actually LIVE the decision, and make it for them! Maybe one kind of parenting works for you but messes up someone else’s child.. what would you do then? Apologize?

On the other hand, whatever the fuck happened to modesty? There are REAL people who think, believe and say that you have to hard-sell yourself and there’s no “market” for individuals who choose to not go around praising themselves. Who will know about your beliefs and that they’re of course the ONLY right way to go, if you don’t TELL them? What do you mean, people will find out if something’s so darn right? Or (and this is my absolute favourite) as a “responsible citizen” or “conscientious individual” or “caring human being”, it is our right and duty to “spread awareness”.. one example of this that comes to my mind is someone using the “I’m a member of educated society” argument to tell someone that their actions were criminally sexist and discriminatory because they were different from those of all their peers 😀

So do I believe there are no absolute rights? I do. I think not murdering someone or being responsible enough to keep the planet green or not jumping traffic signals are those absolutes. But I also believe that these absolutes need no endorsement from me or you to your peers or mine. Can we stop belittling each other’s intelligence and inflicting our choices on others then?

How hard is it to live our own lives? And how hard is to live it irrespective of whether millions of others are living the same choices or not?


7 thoughts on “On New Age Fundamentalism

  1. You forgot that distant cousin with a 26 inch waist who wants you to lose weight and eat sprouts and drink “TC water” (PUUUKE!) so you somehow begin to see sense in the lean way of life they have. To them I say blaaaaah! Whatever happened to the freedom of choice?

    • Freedom of choice.. aah, that distant dream! You know how some posts change every time you read them? Like today, as I read this post, all I think of are the arguments I’ve had with others when we easily could have rejoiced in each other’s freedom of choice. Khair, that apart, it’s really stifling when people are constantly telling you stuff, not asking you what you want. I strongly feel women face it more and most of us can do without it.

      PS: I had to google TC water.. I still dont know what it really is. Clearly, a 26 inch waist is not in my near or distaaaaaaaaant future 😀

      • TC water is tender coconut water.. And don’t worry, a 26-inch waist is such a waste of a lifetime of good food 😛 😛

        And hmmm, I know people like you and I hold strong opinions and friction happens when people don’t agree with us too, but hello!! They are really important things, Neha.. Unlike other people’s trivial issues about 26-inch waists, no! 😀 😀

  2. I’m also very liberal and open minded. Only I don’t like your choice of template and I think mine is superior. What do you see in this white and green, ma?

    okay, bad joke 😀 These days I sort of keep my face vacant and start dreaming abt. food/movie plan when I’m being told why I shouldn’t have given up on my previous job. Seriously, if we had one iota of honesty, the kind of mess we make in our own lives should make us hold placards and say, “ayyo! dont be like me! do something else!”.

    see,the boring ones always think their drab lives are worth imitating. The interesting ones, if you notice, plain shut up or merely share. But. but. but. one day if we discover and learn to live in a zero gravity world, the “judges” wont be a part of it! such fat heads will never be able to make it past the escape velocity! that’s seriously my only hope.

  3. Whaaaa? A post written early Jan and I’m reading it now?! Reader be damned, I’m coming here everyday to check from now on:P

    Ok, It just so happens that Smartass Bride has said what I wanted to 😛 Esp about the placard bit! Bang on! And imagining the rest of her comment was really funny 😀 Fat heads…velocity 😀 😀

    Now, where are your vacation posts and pics? 😛

  4. “The world is full of people out to get validation of their own choices by trying to get another 100 to make the same choice” – so very well put!

    Sadly, 80 out of that 100 are waiting to be directed, to see something work remotely for one so that it can be shamelessly copied to get out of their own miseries. And those 80 make lives even more miserable for the rest of us!

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