So, I was talking to my mom on the phone the other day. Less than five minutes later, I could hear the landline ringing in her background and I could tell she really wanted to get it. In my mother’s world, whether on the cell or the landline, with caller ID and missed call information or without, in the middle of something important or not, letting the phone ring is JUST NOT DONE. It’s like a betrayal, a royal snub, utter neglect in what maybe a moment of great emergency for someone and so on. So. I just knew she wanted to get it. I stayed on hold, because I guessed it would be someone not in too big a hurry (whowouldathunk!) and she would tell them that she would call back, as happens 99% of the times.

Here’s what I heard of the conversation that happened:

Hello! HELLO! Ji, main hi bol rahi hoon. Yes. (pause). No. (pause). No beta, I don’t need a credit card. (pause). Oh, you’re giving it free? Oh accha. What are the terms and conditions? (long pause). What does that mean? (this was said a 1000 times in succession). How? (another 1000 times). Accha, I will discuss with my kids about this. (long-ish pause) Sorry beta, I really don’t need one and I can’t confirm right away. (CHEERFUL) Thank You!

Yes, the poor telemarketing guy/ lady would have been in a continuous facepalming mode post this. But, ladies and gentlemen, the great “who talks to these random telemarketers that they’re still so hopeful on these calls?”mystery stands solved.


14 thoughts on “Eavesdropping

  1. I actually feel quite sorry for people who have these telemarketing jobs. I think people like your mom give them hope. At least they hear them out and talk to them cheerfully, as opposed to people who hang up the moment they find out who it is..

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