I just witnessed something that made me angry beyond words. As is my lot in life, I’m alone and have nobody to talk to about this incident.. and the few people I can speak to right away, will probably not understand why it bothers me. Here’s the incident:

So, I’m headed back home from the gym within our compound. A teenage boy (whom I’ve seen before and sort-of know) is hanging out with his multiple girlfriends. For some reason, the boy has also got their HUGE dog down.. for a walk, I’m guessing. But as he is too busy regaling his buddies with his stories, his driver/ househelp is just parked on a bench pulling the dog aggressively by its leash. On the next bench are two nannies with two little babies, sitting around and chatting – one has the kid in a stroller and the other in her lap. The dog, frustrated because of the limited space he is allowed to move in, veers close to the children once, then twice, but the women are too consumed by their conversation to notice. Then the dog licks the child in the stroller on her face fully twice over. The terrified child is stunned for a second, and then obviously starts howling. Apparently, this is very funny to the two nannies, the dog-walker, the dog-owner and the girlfriends.. because they are giggling helplessly. By now, I’ve stopped and want to see what this nanny does next. She stands up and makes a half-hearted effort to make the baby stop crying. In the meanwhile, the dog is growling at the other child who starts crying, and the others are literally LOL-ing.

Now clearly I’ve either lost my sense of humour or I find multiple things wrong with this oh-so-mundane incident:

– Why the fuck do you have a dog, if you don’t even care enough to walk it yourself?

– Why the fuck is the dog being handled by a person who doesn’t know the first thing about dealing with a pet?

– Why the fuck is it funny if a child is howling and looks terrified?


– Why the fuck are you not doing your job, when some parents who trust you with their child are probably paying you a bomb and wishing with all their might that you have your brains in place?

Usually, I’m either too unperturbed or occupied or careful to not barge into what is others’ business. But today, I just couldn’t stop myself. So I walked upto this nanny woman, and asked her if the kid’s parents were home, all the while making a superhuman effort to stay calm and not raise my voice. She said no, but looked embarrassed. Then she starts wiping the howling kid’s face. I told her that I saw the kid getting almost bitten, and she mumbles something and walks off with the child in the stroller. Don’t know if it was something to do with the frown on my face or what, but the dog-walker sheepishly takes the dog out of the other kid’s face and walks off in another direction.

I don’t know if my anger is over-reaction (I’m sure my behaviour there wasn’t, though), but I do know that it seemed completely irresponsible on her part. The child could be scared of dogs/ unfamiliar to them/ maybe it’s unsafe too, or maybe not.. I won’t know, I’ve never had dogs at home or babies either 😀 But to have a kid getting terrified like this and then grinning like a jackass is not done.

What do you people with pets and/or kids think?


16 thoughts on “Find-Mucked

    • Phew, at least one person agrees! Imagine having dog saliva all over one’s face and not being able to do anything about it 😦 I felt like bitch-slapping the idiot nanny!

  1. I have no pets and no kids but I do have an opinion. And that is that what you did was right!

    How does anyone think its cute to make the baby get licked by a dog that was, obviously, madly waiting to get off the leash?!

    I get terribly angry even at people who walk with the leash in their hands while the dog runs about madly scaring everyone! The height of audacity is when the owner says “oh, he wont do anything…he doesnt bite” !! That doesn’t mean you let him loose like that !!

    • Oh don’t get me started on that.. “he won’t do anything!” is NOT a comforting thing to someone who is scared of dogs!

      I got very angry because the baby had dog saliva on her face, man.. and was crying her heart out. And this woman who was supposed to be caring for her could not stop giggling!

  2. I am a dog lover and a parent and I found it apalling. My mum’s dogs slobber over my kids’ faces all the time but they are known dogs and the kids enjoy it. The maid should have kept the kid away if he was scared and failing that, been proactive about removing him from the situation and comforting him.

    • I am so happy to see that a parent with an experience with pets is saying this. It may be a small thing, but I shudder at how neglectful this nanny must be with the kid through the day. And in the house where nobody can even notice!

  3. This was quite dangerous.. The dog could have bitten the child.. I am a dog lover.. but this is not funny.. No way I would want a dog to go near a child like this..

  4. This was scary..Imagine the parents trusting the dumb nanny with their childs did the right thing..even reading about it has pissed me off sufficiently

    • Yeah! That’s what made me keep thinking about it. Maybe sub-consciously, she doesn’t even know what’s safe/ appropriate for a child or not.. that’s a scary prospect

  5. I am a parent and VERY scared of dogs… Im just scared about how the nanny treats the kids inside the house where there is no one to judge what she does all days….*Shudders*

  6. I have a baby, 10 months old and I would kill my help if I got to know she did something like this. I want to go whack that nanny, anywhere in Gurgaon?
    Most people say I overeact by not letting my nanny take poppins out for a walk by herself…am so happy after readin this that I dont…phew

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