A Book Tag

Read this tag at Chandni’s, and found it interesting.

The tag says that the sentences below need to be completed with names of the books I’ve read. Zimble. Here goes:

In school I was: Out of My Comfort Zone

People might be surprised I’m: Dork

I will never be: The God of Small Things

My fantasy job is: Catcher in the Rye

At the end of a long day I need: The Last Song of Dusk

I hate it when: Unaccustomed Earth

Wish I had: Two Lives

My family reunions are: One Amazing Thing

At a party you’d find me: Midnight’s Children

I’ve never been to: A Palace of Illusions

A happy day includes: A Suitable Boy 😉

Motto I live by: An Equal Music

On my bucket list: The Golden Gate 😀

In my next life, I want to be: Emma

.. and I’m done.

Take it up and weave your story. Be sure to leave the link 🙂


10 thoughts on “A Book Tag

    • I’m a HUGE fan 🙂 Easily my favourite author. Cannot wait to get my hands on A Suitable Girl in 2013 😀 In fact, I once dreamt that the world actually comes to an end in 2012 and in the middle of dying, I was worried that I won’t get to do certain things. One of them was read that book 😀

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