Hello, I’m..

Amidst all the babas and the slutwalks and the dancing politician ladies, I’m outraged enough to lose some of my narcissism. So I thought I’d reinforce it with a meme that’s been lying in the drafts for far too long. Honestly, this may be over a year old but I wrote the answers only now.

So here’s a bit of me, because I always keep my eye on the ball: Q. Why does this lousy blog exist? A. For my grand-children to know the Greatness that is Me.

Every phrase needs to be completed with three answers about yourself. Easy to figure as you go.

I am

  • Generally at daggers’ ends with the whole world and a bit heartless in arguments
  • A typical Virgo –  as in extremely critical of myself (as of others), aware of my flaws and good at hiding them unless I decide to be self-deprecating 🙂
  • A borderline hypochondriac with several OCDs

I want

  • To ensure that my future turns out at least vaguely like I dream it
  • Many material possessions that WILL buy me a slice of happiness
  • To live only till I have all my loved ones around me

I have

  • A husband who loves me unconditionally
  • A temper I am not proud of, and an acidic tongue
  • A mother compared to whom I’m horribly inadequate (and quite happy with it)

I wish

  • People would say things like they mean them. Mind games make me feel tired
  • To accomplish something that I’d leave behind and would make me “feel” if not “be” successful
  • I’d be able to stick to things I vehemently believe in now, when they matter most

I hate

  • Obsession with religion
  • Women who perpetrate atrocities and social injustices against other women, in the name of tradition
  • A messy house

I fear

  • Dependence – physical or financial or emotional, of my own or that of my family
  • People morphing into worse versions of themselves
  • Uncertainty of all kinds

I hear

  • The helpless cries of less privileged women and children
  • The advice from good friends
  • My guilt, loud and clear

I search

  • The world to throw me a clue
  • For new things to try, whenever the opportunity comes
  • For interesting conversations in the most unusual prospects

I wonder

  • Why society matters so much to so many people? Isn’t a sizeable rebelling populace enough to change the face of society?
  • Why we feel out of control in matters that are in fact only in our own control? Like weightloss, saving money, relationships?
  • When I’d learn to cook a meal of soul-satisying rajma-chawal!

I regret

  • Having made a hasty and hence poor decision when choosing my job post-MBA
  • Having worn my emotions on my sleeve for a really long time
  • Having said things I shouldn’t have and not apologizing. Teenage did NOT suit me well.

I love

  • The security of coming back home to someone I love, respect and with whom I can always speak before I think. Then defend the spoken word with warped logic. Then make frustrating hypothetical comparisons. Still be undivorced 😀
  • Vacations involving beaches or cities with reams of historical facts
  • The whole process of looking up recipes, looking for ingredients and cooking something new
  • (Far too many things for just three points!)

I always

  • Make lists to remember stuff
  • Pray only when I’m in trouble and resolve to pray other times too
  • Worry about something or the other

I ache

  • For Delhi – the city of my childhood
  • For more girl pals who “get” me
  • For the day I’d make peace with who I really am

I usually

  • Make a huge fuss about hygiene
  • Seem aloof and shy OR cold and annoyed, when in new company
  • Am up for a good movie or eating out

I am not

  • Someone who can easily adjust in new places, because one of my OCDs is having things just so
  • Rigid, even in the most out-of-the-question arguments
  • Someone easily likeable

I dance

  • When I’m alone at home
  • To hardcore Bollywood mujak
  • Best when I’m a tad drunk

I sing

  • Completely off-key
  • Along to the ipod music in the car, many times
  • Two songs my brother HATES to annoy him

I never

  • Cough up the courage to be confrontational, when people are being unfair. Takes me an agonizingly long time to bring it up. When I do, I’m more likely to let it rip but the damage is sure to have reached epic proportions by then.
  • Give up a book no matter how much I’m dying to get on with life
  • Confide in anybody completely. It’s a control thing, I think

I rarely

  • Ever leave food on my plate
  • Come back from the mall without having bought something
  • Accept compliments gracefully

I cry

  • Out of frustration
  • When someone I love is in pain and there’s nothing I can do
  • When some old memories come swimming back

I am not always

  • Non-judgmental
  • Fair
  • A loveable daughter

I lose

  • Some battles for the sake of the war 😉
  • Sleep when I’m worried
  • My cool for a WIDE variety of reasons

I’m confused

  • About the direction my professional life is taking
  • About why my definition of God must conform with anyone else’s and cannot be personal
  • About whether I expect too much from myself, others and even situations

I need

  • Financial security
  • My personal space to be clean and uncluttered
  • To be connected through the phone or the internet at all times

I should

  • Learn to be more detached and not take everything personally
  • Cultivate more patience
  • Save my sarcasm for only those who get it

I dream

  • Of having all the time and no obligations in the world to do all the nothing I want
  • Of having kids 🙂
  • Of vacations and celebrations and surprises and successes

I had great fun doing this. So many things to think about my favourite subject – Me!

I’d love for some people to take it up: Pepper, Dipali, Tamanna, ChandniWSW?


20 thoughts on “Hello, I’m..

  1. I think I did this one years ago with one line answers….but koi nahi, we can pick it up again, bloggers ko post karne ka bahana chahiye! 😉

  2. Glanced through it, and I might just end up copying pasting the damn thing all over my post! LOVED it! 😀 Will read again in the evening and see if there is anything I can possibly change or skip in my take on this tag 😛

  3. Oh I haven’t read all your answers so far. I have a thing of getting subconsciously influenced and then thinking in the same direction if I read something first. So I thought I’ll write my own answers and only then read yours.. 😀

  4. N, there is no way I am going to do this tag. Because there is nothing I can write that will be ANY different from what you have written here. It is spooky – the husband, the “undivorced”, the not too loveable daughter, the teenage bit, the daggers end, the girl pals, the not easily likeable – every freaking thing! You know it’s funny, I would LOVE to have someone like you in my long, non existent list of friends.. I mean how can someone not like you? I feel exactly the same way about myself 😛 I know the reasons, but you know what I am driving at?

    Man, we are so freaking awesome people are just jealous of us. Trust me 😛

    This one was suuuuper, soul sister! Let’s meet 😀

    • Hahahaha.. so similar, eh? Can I say I’m not surprised? 🙂

      And about “how someone can not like me?”, you don’t need to go too far.. only as far as my matashri! 😀

      You’re sure freaking awesome.. and by inductive logic, I’m assuming I must be too 😀 So, yeah, let’s meet!!

  5. No doubt you’re a true Virgo! I had a very special Virgo friend, and I could almost see a female version of him (with all due respect to your individuality) 🙂 But I have to agree, yes again, that I love the way you think and put them down to words! Very rarely, almost hardly, have I seen girls think so differently! And that’s what makes your blog so mentally refreshing and pleasurable to read. It’s one of a kind! 🙂

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