Between then and now

Considering how illicitly I move between blogging and disappearing for months, I’m more often than not inclined to writing something that tells you of the last few months in the most shoddy “wholesale” way possible. I wonder whether the purpose of this blog is served at all, with these obligatory summary posts but let me just say – Something is better than nothing. So here goes, between that last post which I don’t remember writing at all (!!) and now, I have:

Turned 28. Completed two years of being married. Joined a new job. Thereby ending the first ever UtterJoblessness glorious period of my life. The new job is WAITFORIT with the family business. The new boss is WAITFORIT the husband.

/Update over.

Many days, I’ve got something to say. Despite being active on FB and Twitter, I hardly ever say it because I’m not someone who can comfortably get into a conflict with acquaintances or near-strangers. And then, I wistfully look back on the days I blogged in this quiet little place of my own. Yet, it’s never enough to get me to log-in and say it. I’ve thought and thought over this, and the only reason that comes to me is that I’ve always considered a blogpost worthy of anyone’s attention/ time, if it’s a certain respectable number of words with something to say/ share/ explain/ make someone think. My cryptic, tangential, open-to-interpretation posts have been few, and even so, somehow they connected with the last post in which I might have mentioned some sort of funk I had been wallowing in.

Looks like it’s time to change all that. Some of my favourite bloggers and bloggers I find most regular and active are those that blog without the need to stick to a certain pre-conceived brief. I’m sure they’re able to look back at their lives and read those one-line mystery posts and their days come alive in their memories, much better. So, I’m going to attempt getting ideas and thoughts out here, before I forget them. Maybe every night? once every two days? I don’t know. But I’ll be back more regularly. I need to be!

Coming up on this circuit: Year-end vacation being planned (visas done, babbbaaay!).

Meanwhile, your blogs keep me sane.. God bless Google Reader!!


10 thoughts on “Between then and now

  1. Yyou wont believe this – just today i came over to your blog to check if my reader was acting up or if you really weren’t updating.Phew – i have magical powers me thinks!

    Wow – u are now a businessperson – uff too much – tell us more. also where are you vacationing??

    • Hahaha.. yes, your magical powers!! 😀 But seriously, I really want to get back to blogging.. so you’re requested to use your powers more frequently.

      Businessperson??!! Ahem! No way. I’m more the corporate Woman Friday 😀

      And vacationing will be in Spain with close family.. Yayyyyy!! Really looking forward to it.

    • Thank you, and yes, it is a whole new thing. Says a lot about my foresight, but I really did not imagine that the dynamics will be this different. I feel like an intern all over again 😀

  2. awesome! it must very exciting for you two!!(i vicariously lived through vijesh when he started his candid wedding photography thing and when THAT was exciting, I can totally see how awesome it would be to be part of something!) all the very best and congrats!! 😀

    and yay! to more updates 🙂

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