Off to Spain!

.. for the year end vacation with family.

God knows how I’ve looked forward to this one *touchwood* *anti-jinxes* 😀

Nothing like putting my feet up and stuffing my face with tapas, sangria and churros after the insane work-scene we’ve been having around here (can you tell I’ve been working a whole 1.5 months to tire me out so :D)!

Oh I almost forgot: I’ll also be in the land of Zara.. so I might as well call this my pilgrimage 😀 Shameless card-swiping is on the cards (that was totally #meta now)

So ladies and gentlemen, regular blogging will be attempted but in case I don’t see ya soon enough, wish you two readers (ok, three) a Merry Christmas and an Awesome New Year.. drink yourselves silly and outscare 2012. Also, hangovers are totally allowed.. why else would the first day of the year fall on Sunday?!


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