Baby, got back!

.. erm, not in the way the song means 😀 But yes, I did get back.

I have soooo much that I would want to put down from the vacation. It’s like my mind is bursting like our cameras with the pictures. Of the very dreamy Madrid. And the beautifully lazy Valencia. Also, the sunny, unpredictable Ibiza. As also, the most fascinating – Barcelona. I must also talk of the rather industrious pickpockets who can amuse or intimidate (take your pick), the freezing cold, my NYE and the shopping (*cough* much helped by the stopover in Dubai on the way back *cough*).

As luck would have it, I decided to ruin the beginning of my new year AND the high from a mind-blowing holiday, by losing my temper in the most spectacular way this year (I’m hoping this will remain the most spectacular this year, so play along, awrite punk? joo dont wanna mehss wit mee!) So, pictures and resolutions will happen sometime next week. Meanwhile, hope’s all been nice at your end?


7 thoughts on “Baby, got back!

    • Can’t wait to find the time to write :p Read your post about being gifted a massage.. and now I can’t stop wishing about booking myself one… it’s been a long time!!

    • Belated happy birthday!! Full travelogue in boring, hair-splitting detail should happen.. now if someone can loan me the time 😀 Will do as soon as the mountain of post-vacation work email has been tackled.

    • Hehehe.. I suggest you start dreaming right away, because my travelogue (like all my promised blog posts) might not come soon enough for the next NYE 😀 Just kidding! Middle of the year max!!

  1. 🙂 no but seriously am planning a mid summer sojourn..would be great if you can mail me your itinary and reccos (including hotels)..Danke!

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