Who the hell celebrates V-day?

I do!

Yes, if your issue with V-day is that “whyyyy? love should be celebrated all days!”, you must know that there are people in the world like me and the husbz who:

– don’t meet each other on all days of the week, almost every week

– sometimes have to wave frantically at each other for the other to stop their phone marathon and talk about something important

– live in the same house but on different time zones

– talk more work than other stuff on any given day

Such people don’t want to miss out on just another reason for a dinner date πŸ˜‰

No pink teddy bears and heart shaped chocolates for us, but yes, getting a slight buzz will do wonderfully.


3 thoughts on “Who the hell celebrates V-day?

  1. Awww! See when you say it, it actually makes sense to me. I was being all cool about it. Cool in a lightly buzzed way at least! And then you go ahead and write this and now I am wondering if something is wrong with me 😐

    • Arrey don’t! Is there anyone among us who hasn’t said the “why do we need a day for love?” line at least once in life? The trick is to remember that if you ever need cheesiness and romantic cliches back in your life for whatever warped reason, don’t shy away from that too because of anything. We can all do with a little bit of a lapse of reason.

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