I know right now you can’t tell

Yeah, how unlike me to be posting twice in a day, but then where do you babble if you’re feeling lonely and frustrated and depressed.

Cut to the point. I’m unwell and.. . okay, let’s take this back a step. My cousin is in town and staying with his sister halfway across the city. I’ve been dilly-dallying about going to meet him the last 3 days. I promised him I would come visit Monday evening, because Chuck’s leaving town for work today and I thought I wouldn’t have to stay alone at home another day. But now I’ve fallen sick and have had to cut my work day short and come back home to properly mope. So, I’m going to have to call and cancel. And it’s going to totally look like an excuse. And I’m going to have to stay alone anyway. Aaaaaaargh. And I’m feeling guilty for having lied to someone last week about being sick to wriggle out of going somewhere I didn’t want to go (there was no other way, okay!) And I KNOW God’s punishing me for it.

Why why why why why!

For no reason other than the unfortunate co-incidence of the name of the song, here goes, because it just popped up on my playlist:


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