Words that make me angry

Since all the obsessing in the world wasn’t proving enough, I started thinking of all my triggers to anger. Yes, anger management should be a part time job I get paid for, and it takes more doing than you’d think.

While there’s a long list of things and people and situations and assumptions and generalizations and what-not that make me angry, there are ALSO words that make my ears perk up, cross my arms and narrow my eyes. This is about that. Read on:

  • Demanding
  • Compromise
  • Networking
  • Slut
  • Sensitive
  • Over-reacting
  • High-maintenance
  • Low-maintenance
  • Over-analyzing

(This will be added to. A lot.)

No matter what context or who the above are said for, I feel myself getting worked up. I think it’s bizarre that just the words should bother me so. But for now, I’m congratulating myself for having figured this out.


4 thoughts on “Words that make me angry

  1. Sensitive because usually people say it for someone when the other person is responsive/ reactive towards something that they don’t care that much about. I’ve usually seen people putting down others for having a weakness, as if being insensitive is the cool way to be. However, when they call themselves sensitive to something, it’s usually something that others ought to ALSO be sensitive about.

    Low maintenance is a personal peeve of mine, because to me, it sounds like assuming that the low maintenance person does not require any effort or thought into what you do for them, if you do anything for them or think of them at all. Typically people use it as a good example, but what they’re really thinking is a person of lesser needs/ extreme case a doormat. Not saying it’s the way you also mean it, but that’s how it always sounds to me. In fact, as you see, high maintenance is also in the list. This whole business of people – and more often than not, women – being “maintained” pisses me off.

  2. That actually makes sense. That sensitive bit is so true! I say low maintenance when I try to explain how getting drenched or an auto ride in the rain or the idea of an overnight journey in sleeper class (sab taraf se hawaa aayegi :D) makes me ecstatic. Although once I get into the train and start my night long rant, I have to be reminded many, many times that it was my idea to begin with 😐 Hope your tabiyat is better now.

    • Ha! No T, you’re adventurous and many more things. But with the ranting or without, nobody is “maintained”. Tabiyat is nasaaz, off and on. Not okay but not bad enough to stay home in my PJs all day, cough, cold – sucks!

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