Hurtling towards insanity

I’m having a bitch of a day. It is absolutely mad that of all days gone by recently, I should be blogging today. But when I’m next in that zen state and doing that thing of reading my old posts and cringing that I do, I want to remember what a crazy little day this was. With maids that didn’t show up to maids that showed up and vanished without having done their work, of ambling towards a refrigerator still wondering what to cook and figuring that everything in there is either on our household’s hate list or requires a day off work to be made consumable, of finding out that water, laundry and breads & eggs are literally the new roti, kapda, makaan, of being super late to work but knowing by that one look in the mirror that there’s no effing way I can go without washing my hair today, of gulping down breakfast (nutella sandwich and canned juice!! how the mighty have fallen!!) and sighing at the furniture that needs to be dusted, unfolded washed laundry, pesky little dishes that keep reproducing in the wash basin and much much more. Can you tell our Man Friday/ Lifeline/ Domestic Help Ninja has gone on leave?

With all this, I’m grappling with work that ranges from “needs to be finished today, or it will be no use at all tomorrow” to “should have been done yesterday, but today 5 pm will do”.

The flicker of hope is the slowly approaching weekend and the vacation in 2 weeks that seems too far away for now.



3 thoughts on “Hurtling towards insanity

  1. Oh I know that feeling only a little too well. Sometimes I sit back and gawk at the house and wonder just how much “work” can a home of two generate? The mind boggles!

    • Exactly my thought. And how time follows a different trajectory when it’s house work you’re doing. This Sunday morning, I spent 6 hours and it STILL felt like the house needed some fixing 😐 I wish I could just put my feet up like the husband (who to his credit, did offer help that I refused because he had a day off after 3 weeks + I would have had to re-do everything :D) who spent the morning waiting for the cricket to begin and the rest of the day watching it… the dust on the table be damned.

      • No matter how much I do, its never enough. So I have learned to make do with the bare minimum. As long as things are neat and tidy and in their place, Im happy 🙂

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