Right. So NOBODY responded to that last post of mine. Clearly, I have packed everything there is to take 😀

This one’s going to be about the dread that procrastination breeds once it’s about 2 weeks old. You know, that document that was supposed to be in someone else’s inbox-custody last Thursday? Or the pile of clothes that are becoming impossible to sort everyday, because you didn’t fold them a week back or yesterday? The only thing that feels even worse now than when you were first supposed to wrap it up is that you just don’t know how to get back on track now. You sit on it wishing, begging, pleading for it to please get up, walk on its own two legs and be over. You avoid eye contact with it and go to other, more interesting or just less daunting things and come back to get another sucker-punch from the guilt that continues to brew. It’s now planted itself at the back of your head, and swats any little successes and joys you might manage by telling you how you’re not good enough. It is now the enemy. You meet it head on, by over-compensating in everything else you do. You ignore it and tell yourself, that “it” be damned, you’re doing great. You’re winning! One fine day, it gets back at you with a vengeance demanding that it be finished, or else there will be consequences. Today is that day for me.

And I’m going to annihilate this mofo.


2 thoughts on “Dread

  1. Yes, you have indeed packed everything you need to take on a beach holiday. Because you don’t need to pack alcohol – you can buy it there :p Have fun, N!

    Oh and don’t get me started on procrastination coming back to haunt you. I’ve been piling my washed laundry in the guest room for a week now. We’ve shut the door so neither of us has to look at it. I hope the husband will remember and do something about it. Argh!

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